Has anyone ever seen saffron crocodile

  1. I was looking at the crocodile colors and wondering whether saffron would be beautiful. It is so hard to judge from a small photo. Has anyone ever seen this color in crocodile?
  2. I saw it IRL once on a woman shopping at Barneys in a 35cm Birkin, and it was absolutely lovely--a very rich and vibrant mustard yellow and looked as if it would go well with everything.
  3. Sounds lovely!!!! Very elegant but also bold
  4. I think PazT's friend has a saffron croc HAC if I'm not mistaken as well. It is absolutely gorgeous.
  5. pampered, it is indeed a mustard-y yellow but is gorgeous with the croc sheen. here's a picture of a friend's HAC croc in saffron (middle) :

  6. ^^:love:
  7. Gorgeous Pazt!
  8. I love it!!
  9. :drool: I could never get enough of those pics Patz!!! I love your freinds HAC! Yummy!
  10. Wow the color is stunning...bet right now worldwide many SOs are a -ringing for saffron!!
  11. And Pampered1, if you ever lay your hands on one, please share photos :smile:
  12. P, I never get tired of looking at your friend's Saffron HAC; it is simply TDF!
  13. How Saffaron crocodile is compared to "yellow gold"?? i got this picture of the yellow gold kelly from the Hermes Informative Catalogue but it really look similar to pazt's friend HAC??

    Is it saffaron?? I love this kelly!!
  14. PL, she picked up her's in Paris and they say it's saffron. her's has a little brown undertones compared to the picture above. this one is sunflower yellow - but i believe it's the same one, maybe? :confused1: