Has anyone ever seen people carry Extra Courier B-Bag?

  1. Hi
    I'm a new member here:nuts:, I need a big bag bcoz' I'm big!!
    Just wondering, has anyone ever seen people carry Extra Courier B-Bag?
    How's it? too big? What's color good?

  2. :nuts: Thanks sngo!!
    It's look good on him
    OMG I can see the picture of myself replacing him lol COOL!
  3. nicole richie :
  4. Thanks Sngo for the compliment :shame:

    As for replacing ....why can't we share Andy_Sach since sharing is caring ;)

    But I do love my bag and am finding that I am using it more than any other bag in my closet. I will admit that it is big -- but then I carry my laptop computer in its sleeve, files, my Toilet Case, umbrella and whatnot all in it on a daily basis. I also shove in my gym clothes, shoes and on occassion my coat and it still has room. On my most recent trip to NYC, it served as my carry-on bag with great success....so I love it.

    One tip of advice, if you are planning on ordering it rather than going to the store -- I suggest buying it directly from Balenciaga as they do not charge tax for things shipped outside of NY and you get free shipping (unlike Barneys).

    Hope this helps!

  5. You are the best!!