Has Anyone Ever Seen and/or Own the Olga Shoulder Bag?

  1. I saw this bag today at Nordstroms. It was an ivory color made of very soft leather w/the black MJ plate on the front. The bag was on the sale table. The thing about it is that there were 2 different tags inside the bag - one was the MJ tag, but it didn't have the name of the bag on it, just the color (Ivory) and it wasn't attached (just lying at the bottom of the bag). The original price was $1595, and it was crossed out with $9-something written on it. The other tag was a Nordstroms tag (the kind they print after a bag's been returned) that had a price of $1195, crossed out with $8-something written on it. They both had different style nos. I handed her the Nordstroms tag that said $1195 originally & asked what the current price was & she said $835 (I think).

    I can't find any information about the bag online anywhere - all I can find is the 70s Satchel. Does anyone own this bag that might be able to tell me (1) what the style no is and (2) how much it originally sold for?

    Also, if you own this bag (or have seen it) what are your thoughts about the bag? I really liked the leather and the shoulder strap was very "chanel-like." As soft & elegant as the leather was, I really thought the bag should have been lined w/suede, but it wasn't. It had that lightweight canvas lining that feels like a raincoat. It was a nice bag and had it been price a little lower, I might have gotten it instead of the Patchwork Bowler, but I thought the $800+ price was just a little too high for that bag (and its condition - it was obviously a return).
  2. I saw this same bag during the Saks sale after Christmas. They flew out the door. Makes sense considering the price was about $523 with the additional 50% off. Anyway, I copied & pasted the style specifics from the Fall 07 reference thread:

    Colors: Ivory, Indigo, Elephant
  3. That would mean that both tags had to be wrong - I wish I could remember the style nos on the tags! If it was originally $1495, 40% (1st markdown) would have been around $897 - the 2nd markdown (30%) would have put it at $627.90. The MJ tag had an original price of $1595, the Nordstroms tag said $1195 originally. I wonder if someone switched the tags from a 70s satchel to get a better price??
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    Does anyone own the ivory olga? Is it easy to keep the leather clean? Are the chain straps comfy to wear for awhile? How heavy is it? (lighter or about the same as a small MP)? And also does anyone have any modelling photos as I can't find any atm?

    Thanks :smile:
  6. I have a Olga in ivory. I think it is relatively lightweight. If you are talking about a small MP lined in suede, then I think the Olga might be a tiny bit lighter! The only part of the bag with any weight is the handles.

    I don't have a problem keeping it clean. The leather is kinda sturdy, but not stiff, it seems durable to me. I just check it over before I slip it into the dust bag & clean any spots w/ apple cleaner.

    I don't have any modeling pictures currently, but I will snap a few later today for you and post them here. The Olga is one of my favs. It's seasonless, IMO, and looks good w/ both dressier clothes & casual outfits. HTH!
  7. Thanks shop2drop :smile: I look fwd to seeing your pics!
  8. Can't wait to see modeling pics! I've always loved the look of this bag but have never seen it IRL. Good to know the leather isn't terribly delicate, too.
  9. Ok, here are some pics. They might be a little blury, I couldn't use the flash b/c of the reflection, so the shutter speed was slow....
    9_3_08 010.jpg 9_3_08 009.jpg
  10. I remember that the leather is TDF -- it's pretty thick and sturdy, but buttery soft. It actually reminded me of the type of leather that's found on 1st season bags, i.e. the stella and sofia. That bag sat at Nordstroms FOREVER! Even once it got marked down to $5-something, it just sat and sat there. I think it's becuz it was a return and had no tags, no stuffing and kept getting tossed around the sale table. It was starting to look a little beat up!!

    I wouldn't mind finding an elephant (grey) one sometime (I know there were some at OffSaks a while back, but I believe their price was kinda high)
  11. i had the indigo once, bought it @ saks after xmas sale and gave it my mom cause she likes it so much.. i love the leather! i just found out that there's a brick red version of the bag.. and i think i gotta have it..

  12. I ordered this one from Saks.com for $5xx something. It was one of those that would show up and then disappear on the Saks website, so it was probably a return, but nothing was wrong with it. I had ordered one from Nordstrom right before this one appeared on Saks.com, so for a short period of time I had 2.....the Nordies price was a couple hundred more, so I returned that one....nothing like a little bag hoarding! :nuts:

    I think the elephant grey would be gorgeous!
  13. is that the Olga Shoulder bag or the Satchel?
  14. LOVE IT!! That's even more gorgeous "on"! Am I imagining things or was there also an Olga that came in navy blue? That would be TDF, too! Shop2drop, you're just a little bitty thing! Love your bathroom walls!