Has Anyone Ever Seen A Ysl Mombasa Like This??????????..............any Thoughts?????

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    Has anyone ever seen a YSL Mombasa like this? Maybe it's a fake, I am not really sure.

    Any help would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you so much!


  2. Haven't seen it before, but it's gorgeous.
  3. I've seen those before, but I can't remember what year. They definitely made that style-- I almost bought one at some point. They had dark colors of that "pleated" leather, and suede light ones. I thought the handle was neat, too.
  4. YSL DID make a Mombasa in that style. It was in the early 2000's when Tom Ford was still with YSL. Probably around 2002-2003 would be my guess. I remember seeing it in black and in brown leather. I think they even did it in purple suede.
  5. I wish they would bring the mombasa styles back, they were so great
  6. hmmmmm....here are some pics of the "YSL" markings inside/etc. I am worried about authenticity now too, because this seller sales other bags that are fake (I mean screaming fake) and claims they are authentic.

    any thoughts? I am wondering now if this is even authentic.

    help! i would love to bid, but now I am scared.