Has anyone ever seen a thank you LV card?

  1. I was looking at an auction of an LV item w/ a thank you card.

    I have never seen a LV thank you card. Do they exist? Is it somethign they used to do? Its a manilla colored card w/ a LV logo on the front.


    Perhaps I should stay away from the auction all together but just wanted to check w/ you guys first
  2. I get LV thankyou cards everytime I shop there....

  3. Ooh can you tell me what they look like??
  4. I have never received or seen a thank you card. Makes me a little sad now that I think about it. I think they should always send a card.

  5. That's the same thing I thought :upsidedown:

    The sales people and even the security guards all know me there. We chat and talk about Yet I've never received a thank you card. :Push:

    Oh well.
  6. The last time I went in there asking about a Valet key. The SA that helped me two times earlier, asked me about my BF and whether he had gotten over our shopping spree. Yet she didn't send me a card even though she remembers exactly who I am. *Sigh* I guess that's why I stick Nordies and try not to stray too far away.
  7. I get thank you cards alot from my SA.
  8. I've gotten 2 thank you cards
  9. i've gotten a few thank you cards and i know what auction you're talking about. looks just like the auction listing.
  10. I get thank you cards for every purchase.
  11. I don't get any thank you cards either.
  12. I've only received a thank you card when I purchased my Damier Pocket Agenda... [see pic attatched below... the thank you card is next to the receipt and atlas]. I also got another thank you card when a certain SA from the Fashion Valley NM LV store sent me a catalogue... ;)
  13. No thank you cards here. Guess I need to spend more money :P My mom gets them from Nordstrom whenever she shops in the shoe department. They have such great customer service.
  14. I got one when I bought my Keepall and Pochette..but that's about the only one..
  15. They always send me one for every purchase.