Has anyone ever seen a 27cm bolide in clemence?

  1. Or does the smaller size only come in stiff leathers?

  2. I've only seen them in chevre and exotics
  3. My SA tried to special order one for me several years ago, and I was told that Hermes will not make the 27 cm in clemence.
  4. I've never seen one on Clemence. It's too soft of leather to use on such a small bag.
  5. The 27cm does come mou, though. I've seen it chevre de coromandel.......spine slouching all over the place.
  6. is the 27 the only bolide that doesn't come with a lock and key? a 31 does, doesn't it?
  7. if you ever come across any pics, please post - i would love to see a slouchy 27!!!

    no 27 in clemence? that stinks! what about fjord? togo?
  8. I've only ever seen a 27 in exotics or epsom (I think that's what the BJ one SF had was) or chevre. :shrugs:
  9. Can't say I have...
  10. Thanks so much for all the responses. I saw a 27cm today (vache liegee, I believe) and it was much smaller than I had expected, even after looking at the pictures here and marking out the measurements--I can see why it might not be made in a slouchy leather.
  11. ^ tangle, I'd go for the 31cm. It's really not big at all and the bag has a slim profile.
  12. 31cm Tangle.......I saw that 27cm and it looked small on me and I'm 5'3".