Has anyone ever returned something they purchased during a Saks ecg event?

  1. What happens if I've already used the GC? Will they just refund my purchase and add the amount of the GC?
  2. I just happened to return everything I bought. And the SA told me that they actually *flag* accounts that abuse using the GC if they've got returns.

    I have not yet used my GC, and I'm planning on NOT using it. It's $300.
  3. I don't care if they charge me the amount of the GC back I just want to be sure I can still return the item and it's not a final sale.

  4. You do know that those gift cards EXPIRE!!! right? check the back, it says specifically that they expire within 60 days from the day they were issued.
  5. you can certianly return the item, some SAs will deduct the GC amount from the return, others wont even bother with it and refund your items total amount. Depends on the SA.
  6. Ok I feel better now. I will let them know I had a gc but used it. I was just worried I wouldn't be able to return the item at all and be stuck with it. It cost way more then the GC. Thanks, I'll be able to sleep tonight :smile:
  7. I wouldnt mention it, until they do or ask. Does it have a mark on your reciept that you got a gift card? if so, then they will deduct it most likely, otherwise they wont bother with it. I returned a $2k chanel bag and had gotten a $300 EGC card..and they never asked about the EGC, so I bought louboutins with it.
  8. Just don't mention it. I don't think it even mentions the GC on the receipt, anyway.
  9. My $300 G.C. is listed on my receipt because I purchased online.
  10. Hmm, I don't know about online things...
  11. when you order online you get one receipt which lists everything you've purchased and everything they've shipped... so at the end of the receipt it says Gift Card $300.00 w/ a tracking number...

    It's fine... to be honest, I would not have felt comfortable using it after returning what I purchased. So I just asked an SA at Saks what happens if you return part of your order and you've received a gift card?

    and that was when she told me that Saks flags accounts within their computer system of those who abuse the gift card - for example... buying a ton of stuff to get the gift card itself, and then returning the stuff but already have used the card. So just an FYI to anyone out there who was wondering.. apparently they are keeping tabs.
  12. I'm thinking maybe I'll return the item I used with the gc and when I return the Item I purchased I can give them the GC back to make sure I can get a refund.
  13. Hi Z&J...

    I think if you just return the item you want to return for the refund you will receive a refund to your credit card - for sure... this particular SA told me that they may deduct it from your return...

    but.. if you in fact did this unknowingly and since it sounds like it's your first time, I don't think you should worry. Really, I don't think you did anything near what this SA told me some ppl do.

    She said they walk into the Prada boutique, don't even look at the bags and just start buying like 1 of each... so they can get that gift card, then they leave her boutique and go right out and spend the G.C. And then... then they come back and return the bags... so those are the ppl who are ruining a nice thing Saks is doing.
  14. :heart: it!
  15. Ok now I feel better. I bought a MUSE and it's totally not me. I got caught up in the not being able to find one and when I did I just did the charge send. The bag was a lot more then the GC and now that my bill just arrived I realized it's not for me. I would have been very upset if I couldn't return it.