Has anyone ever reported a fake bag on eBay?

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  1. I've just reported my first fake!

    I was browsing the Roxannes on eBay.co.uk and there was just a shocker of a replica masquerading as authentic. It was completely flat, in a way that a genuine Roxanne would never be but, the best bit, it still had the plastic protective wrapper on the straps and the seller mentioned this as if it was a huge bonus :roflmfao: Isn't that the main giveaway of a replica bag? The fact that genuine designer bags *never* have plastic coverings on their straps?

    I had to report it - I can't believe people were actually bidding on it :wtf:
  2. Yes it's the plastic covers on the handle that are a dead giveaway.

    My friend mentioned today that her niece buys Chloe bags on eBay. I hope she's careful, as I'd imagine they are all fakes, no? :confused1:
  3. i have reported fake items before and I will never do it again. I reported a bunch and now my account is suspended from selling brand name items. I really hate eBay sometimes.
  4. Seriously? That is crazy. What's the justification?

    ETA GIW - I'm now of the opinion that most of the bags on eBay are fakes, which is a shame as I'm sure there is genuine stuff on there. The thing is, you see replicas on all *those* sites (won't mention any names but you know the ones, every so often they get a flurry of publicity on the bag) and they look so spot on that I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I think I could probably only spot a good Mulberry replica if I compared it to a bag I owned. I'm fairly clueless on other designers though.
  5. I've reported LOTS
  6. I actually bought a fake bag and the seller is ignoring my emails now so I have opened a "Dispute" with ebay. I doubt I will get any money back but at this stage this seller is still selling bags and has great feedback so even if they can suspend his account or close it I will feel happier. It was a Mirror Copy Emmy. It is now at the bottom of my wardrobe never to be used and I am still so sad about it!!!! Sniff!

    Ps. I didn't use Paypal so there is not much hope for me!
  7. I also got scammed with a fake Mulberry on e-bay ( Elgin) - has since gone in the bin! Anyway I paid by cheque but still managed to get some money back through e-bay after going through the dipute process etc. It's worth pursueing - i got just over £100 back - better than nothing!
  8. Thanks Flyvetjo, that's given me a little glimmer of hope! I posted the dispute only on Monday so still waiting for something to happen! Even if I got a little bit back it would be great - I could start a Mulberry fund!! I'll let you all know as I will be straight to House of Fraser to buy my Woven Bayswater!
  9. Good for you, shopaholic. Hope you get some (or, hopefully, all) of your money refunded. They shouldn't be allowed to get away with it so it's good to see eBay is taking things seriously.

    I notice that the terrible Roxanne is still being offered for sale. Bidding is actually up to around £70 for this :confused1:
  10. I've never done eBay just browsing so I don't know how it works - is there a way to write comments?
  11. You can go to the safety section and 'report a problem' and go to trademark infringement then counterfeit handbags and enter the auction number but no comment.
  12. Actually, the tassels of the araline range can come in a plastic wrapper, although handles are usually wrapped in tissue paper.
  13. That's right. I keep my Araline tassels in the plastic while the bag is being stored. However, the plastic covers on this Roxanne were DEFINITELY not right.
  14. Oh my goodness - it's actually sold! Someone paid £190 for this awful fake. Hope it was no-one on here.