Has anyone ever removed the drawstrings from the neverfull?

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  1. In searching about the neverfull drawstrings I came across an old thread in which some had said they were contemplating removing the drawstrings. Personally, if this bag didn't have the drawstrings I would definately get it...I just don't like to the look of the strings hanging down. If anyone has done it please let me know how it worked out and include modeling pics if possible. I know it would leave the small drings but he hampstead has snaps just hanging out on the sides of the bag.
  2. I am not sure if you meant remove is to cut it off?

    I love to read Japanese Magazine, ViVi , there is one issue talking eveyone is so crazy for neverfull and their latest trend is to cut off the drawstrings !!! i was quite surprise though..
  3. ^^^
    in the previous thread they did mention cutting them off although I wasn't sure if there was a way to remove them but cutting the stitching so they could be put back on of necessary. Did they have pics of the bag with them cut off and if so did it look good?
  4. no I like mine just the way it is
  5. NO why would someone do this????:shrugs::shrugs::shrugs:
  6. I will try to find back the old issue, it was dated back in year end of 2007.
    I personally will not cut it off, as i think the string is already costs at least usd 100!!!LOL!
  7. I love my Nerverfull MM just the way it is...drawstring and all!!!!
  8. Nope. But i do feel like removing it.
    It kinda gets in the way.
    I hope one day i get crazy enough to just cut it off. Since i will never wear it clinched.

    I'd LOVE pics of the neverfull without the drawstrings!!
  9. yea, there is a cute pic of an asian guy wearing it with no strings somewhere one here. im terrible with finding those kind of things tho.
  10. ^^^I would love to see that pic...I did a basic search and couldn't find it. It anyone does please post it here!!!
  11. I would love to see that pic too!