Has anyone ever reglittered their Glitters??

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  1. I was talking to Katie earlier and she brought something to my attention that I had thought before, but thought the idea was too far fetched. BUT, after she brought it up... I think it may be possible. She asked was I going to add more glitter to my shoes, since they are balding a little on the insides.

    Am I crazy? I don't mind experimenting with them, as I got such a great deal on them!

    I figure that I can get some spray adhesive (from the craft store) and more glitter.

    My shoes are now at the spa getting there heels recolored and when I get them back I will post before pics and then after pics. Anyone down to help? LOL
  2. That sounds like an awesome idea! I think you are right, the aersol adhesive would work the best .. but I have never tried it on shoes.
  3. That is what I said I would use. Katie suggested the glue gun. I may do a very small patch to see what will work better. I have used spray adhesives before to put glitter on clothing (Thanks lil sis!) and it worked out fine. I know not to use too much though or it leaves a dull finish.
  4. I'd probably try the spray adhesive first -- seems like the glue gun might leave an uneven/lumpy finish? I'm just thinking back to when I used to use glue guns for craft projects...I'd want the thinnest glue possible!

    But I think that sounds like a great idea! Definitely keep us posted.
  5. Sounds like you have all the know how! I'm really interested in seeing how this turns out!! :tup:
  6. let me know how this turns out. i've always been eyeing the glitter shoes but I've always been worried about balding.
  7. Me too! I like projects. I use to help my little sister with blinging out things, so I don't feel too worried! I have all of the materials. I may just buy another jar of glitter and compare the different variations to see which would look better.

    I just may go into the reglittering business. LOL j/k
  8. lux - I will keep everyone posted, promise!
  9. bedazzle the shoes :smile:
    i love those glitters!
  10. Awesome idea, jimmy!!
  11. haha hey, if you can make it work and be able to re-glitter the shoes then you probably could turn it into a side business LOL
  12. interesting cant wait to see the pics!
  13. Going to get more glitter today and will ask if there is a better adhesive now. I kind of wish that I had my shoes with me, so I can show them what I am talking about. Oh well.
  14. I can't wait to see how this turns out! Very inspiring Jimmy. I think the aerosol spray adhesive sounds best because the glue gun could be messier and not dry as smoothly.
  15. Soooo, I picked up my shoes today and I love that the heels match now (see first pic).

    And, as I stated earlier in this thread, I would try to reglitter them. So here are the results! What do you guys think?

    Just to show the color that the heels were done in:

    Now to the glitter. Here is what I used: Spray adhesive and multi-glitter.

    Before: You can see the material because of so much glitter missing.

    The prepping: I cover the sole too (don't worry!). No red was harmed.

    After: Note the shoe on the left (inside) is what I did. The shoe on the right is the outside of the shoe that did not need any reglittering (I did not add glitter to the outside of the right shoe).