Has anyone ever received a wet bag from Coach?

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  1. I ordered the soft borough from the Coach sale. It arrived today in the dust bag, no plastic but tag is on and paper inserts were there. At first glance it looked good until I turned it around. A big wet spot on the back. The box it came in was not wet. The Coach card with the receipt was slightly damp.
    No idea what happened but it will be on its way back tomorrow.
  2. That is super weird. I've never seen that before!
  3. Wow that is crazy!! Sorry you have to deal with the hassle of a return!
  4. That is really bizarre (and very aggravating)!!
  5. I was worried about my Mickey items because the shipping box looked like it had been drop kicked all the way from Jax. Luckily, they had gift boxed everything and the gift boxes were all fine. But I have noticed more than once that they are sometimes pretty careless packing expensive bags. It wouldn't surprise me if that was someone being careless at the warehouse.
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  6. I have purchased a few things within the last few weeks and the packaging has not been all that great. I've had to exchange two bags. They sent me a damaged empty gift box about 3 weeks ago. I asked for a gift box after I ordered a purse. The purse was shipped in a gift box but then Coach sent me an empty black gift box in a separate shipment. The box was beat up and smashed in at the bottom. I have had a couple of shipments that were great. However, this is making me reluctant to buy online.