Has anyone ever purchased from....

  1. Has anyone ever purchased from luxury-shops.com? It's a consignment website based in Zurich, Switzerland. Thanks.
  2. Yeah I think I remember someone on this board saying that they're really great to deal with and sell authentic pieces.
  3. Yes, they sell only authentic! They even have their own website too! They even sell Hermes Birkins, and Kellys. all authentic!
  4. Thanks Rebecca...I'll try to search them....they have a ton of stuff on their site--lots of good deals.
  5. You're welcome :smile:
  6. I ever visited their site and found so much nice LV there such as LV denim mules, CB etc
  7. They sell authentic stuff.
  8. Hermes:yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:
  9. This is good to know! Another site to drool over. :smile: Anybody know how often they update their inventory?
  10. I have purchased from there and the items were authentic. I think they update almost daily. Mario is awesome to deal with!