Has anyone ever purchased from MIB Classics on eBay?

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  1. I apologize if this has already been duplicated. I am interested in a wallet on eBay and want to purchase from MIB Classics (Seller). Feedback is amazing, but what makes me hesitant is how this Seller is selling the same type of wallet several times. Please let me know :smile:
  2. I was looking at her listings and she has a LOT of the same wallets. After looking at her completed listing that is all she sells As a seller myself it is very hard to get that many of the same thing. When you shop at the outlet you are limited to 3 of the same item. Her pictures look like she took some of them and uses stock photos for others. Price wise they are going pretty cheap between $60 and $90 completed listings. There is no profit when they are going that cheap. My though is if its to good to be true it probably is:thinking:
  3. Plus, those could easily be replicas....

  4. Thanks guys! I had the exact same feeling. I won't buy. Have a good night :smile:
  5. Did you do a Search of all the forums here? You may want to do that from now on with any sellers you're thinking of dealing with.

    MIBClassics has quite a history here:

    Use the Search feature and save yourself time, aggro and money. That's why it's here.