Has anyone ever purchased bags and think ...

  1. What the hell were you thinking when you purchased it?

    Eversince I went into my *Chanel Era* I've been looking at nothing but Chanel and wanting to hold nothing but
    Chanel. So now I'm looking back at my purchases from
    2005-2006 which consist of a baby pink python coach bag and a Gucci pelham. Which I haven't used in over an year and I don't really think I will be using them again. Which bags do you ladies wish you haven't purchased? And what do you do? Do you keep them because you know if you sell them you will never get the amount you paid? Or do you sell them because you know you won't ever use them and they are just taking up good closet space?
  2. I fell in love with a Vuitton multicolore black trouville but when I finally got it, I really wasn't crazy about it. I sold it on eBay and used the money toward a Chanel bag. :yes:
    I just didn't see the point of saving a bag I won't ever carry.
  3. This is exactly what I am thinking-to sell or to keep my non chanel bags. I have a few LV and Gucci, and also Juicy couture bags(what was I thinking??:roflmfao:) I know I wont get full $ money back by selling them on eBay, I am planning to give away the juicy bags to my niece and friends as gifts and give the LV and Gucci to my mom. :wlae:
  4. sell it since you have not used it..
  5. I've actually been thinking about it for a while now. Whether or not I would like to sell my Gucci. But I've seen the prices on eBay they go for. Like seriously Gucci has no resale value whatsoever. I see LVs that have been stepped on and runned over by trucks that go for more. I wish I knew then what I know now "buy only Chanel!". I've decided to keep the Gucci because the price I would get for it on ebay can't even buy me Chanel keychain! =(
  6. The only bag I truly regret is one of those Juicy Couture bowlers. I thought they were so cute and fun when they very first came out. I got tierd of it within 6 months and gave it away.

    Luckily it wasn't expensive but I really regreted that.
  7. phew... i've never been a collector of ANYTHING before i discovered Chanel. Now, I want a reissue in every favorite color. i only own 3 LVs (practical, non LE, unchildish) 1 white braided Coach hobo and 1 Gerard Darel, 7 (soon to be 8 CHANELs)!!

    I only want to hold CHANEL and nothing else. Except a Birkin or two in the waay future...

    Do CHANELs really retain higher resale value than say.. LV? You would have to compare say a reissue (>$2K) with something LV has for >$2K.. (the cloud bags? the MC line?)
  8. i think LV has the highest resale, or is at least the easiest to sell fast. chanel, it just depends on the model. LV has never going on sale on it's side. i pretty much had to give my unused cambon away. it was painful. i now purchase to keep.

  9. I have to agree with you Kodi... people just seem to dish out more on a LV on ebay than Chanel. I rarely see any good Chanels on sale. And when there is a really nice one it's going for like WAYYY above the retail price. I think Chanel retains their value, but I do think most Chanel fans purchase their babies from the store. My mom told me she rather pay full retail price on a bag than risk getting a fake online.
  10. I have been getting rid of my "it" bags over the last year or so, because I have collected too many over the years and what was once trendy - I have come to accept that I really don't see myself carrying them again so I have decided to get rid of them to allow for more closet room and use what little $$$ that can be recovered for new things I want....while I dream of selling them on ebay and getting more than what I can at a consignment shop - I stick with consignment shops because just as someone posted Gucci bags and the like don't seem to do much on ebay.

    I am in the process of getting rid of three Dior bags, but I try to look at it this way - I really wore them a lot and enjoyed them at a certain time in my life and now I have changed my taste and way of thinking , so hopefully someone else can enjoy them and I can get a little money for bags I don't use any more.

    I too feel like Chanels will become the focus of my handbag collection...sure I will keep my LV GM Manhattan and maybe get another LV or two - but not anything trendy looking. I will keep some of my more classic Guccis, Diors, etc.....but I do often look in the closet and shake my head...what was I thinking...:nogood:
  11. I had one of those too!!!! I ended up giving it away. I also choose my bags more carefully now. I really just try to buy bags I'll want to keep, not sell or give away.
  12. I am fairly conservative when it comes to bag shopping. (Shoe shopping is another story - LOL!) I LOVE all my bags Chanel and non-Chanel and don't think I could part with any of them. I also try to refrain from buying IT bags and prefer to think of them for the long haul.
  13. yeah..I have certain bags that I don't use that often anymore such as the LV Speedy and Gucci Hobo. I still think they are classics but ..it doesn't come close to my love for Chanel bags..
  14. I've sold my vintage Chanels to help me finance my new Chanel collection. Wished I never bought the LVs and Guccis before the Chanels...
  15. I only have two non-Chanel bags: a Chloe Paddington satchel in tan and a chocolate Silverado leather tote. I don't regret those purchases, but they do get passed over usage wise for Chanel. The Silverado tote is gorgeous; it actually gets more compliments when I carry it than the Chanels because the look is so different from other handbags.