Has anyone ever posted on Craig's List?

  1. I would like to sell a few of my bags, but cannot sell on eBay because I don't have a cc (required to sell). I used to use a Trading Asst, but the person I used to use no longer sells. My brother said he'd list a few things for me - but he's not the easiest person to reach and we haven't sorted out the details.

    So I decided to post on Craig's List and just wondered whether or not anyone's ever used this site before and how well it worked for them?
  2. I know a couple of people who sold their cars on Craigslist. It was pretty easy. It's too bad you can only post locally; you can't reach as many people.
  3. I've used it a time or two - just for furniture, though. I have noticed it's gotten WAY more popular than it used to be - it's hard to see anything once a day or so has gone by, because the new listings are already waaayy down ... It is nice to not have to pay fees, though!
  4. I have sold a handbag and 2 wallets on Craigslist recently. I chose them over eBay to avoid the fees (i know - I'm being greedy).

    I posted plenty of pics of the items and when I mailed them, I sent them with delivery confirmation and with a signature required. I haven't had any problems so far (knock on wood).
  5. I posted a couple of things, but nothing has sold yet. The process of putting up the listing was really easy though.
  6. sometimes i post things for my friends on eBay...they don't have accounts and i'm fine with doing that for them..do you know anyone who could help you out?
  7. As I mentioned before - my brother has an ebay a/c and a paypal a/c so we talked about this before - but he's young and single and isn't the easiest person to get a hold of and it takes a while before he answers my msgs - my sister has an ebay a/c to, but she's like me and doesn't have a paypal a/c or cc's - most of my friends only use ebay to buy things, and I wouldn't feel right asking them to set up a seller's a/c just for me - I don't know anybody personally that sells on ebay (I know lots of people online, just not "personal" friends!)

    I actually posted three bags on Criag's List and got a response to one already - I didn't post pics, but told interested people to contact me & I'd send pics. I mentioned about shipping overnight via UPS (we have an a/c at work) - did you post just locally, or did you post in other areas??
  8. I've posted once on Craig's list to sell a few designer clothing items and got no response...There may have been many different circumstances, but I'd recomend ebay. I've used it many times before and have had good results.
  9. I have posted on craigslist many times, sometimes you get a response sometimes u dont.... but I will def recommend ebay better specially if u want to sell designer bags .... more people will be able to see you item which means more chances that some1 will buy it...
  10. I've sold several things on craigslist, big (a stroller) and small (a bag) things included. I've had good results, but I'm careful to screen the people first. I like that they email you and you can choose who to respond to, so that helped weed out any potential whackadoos. The things I've sold I've done local pick-up only and met the person in a parking lot of a grocery store or what not. I think it's MUCH easier than ebay...and you can stipulate cash only.
  11. I've sold many things on Craig's List, but they've all been household items like furniture, and things that are too big to ship. You might try it, but I see a ton of fakes listed for sale on that website.
  12. Craigslist is a good alternative, but there are tons of flakes on that site. It used to drive me crazy because I'd drive out of my way to meet someone to sell an item and they wouldn't show. So now if I sell anything through there, I'll make it on my own terms - come to a place convenient to me at a time convenient to me.