Has anyone ever patented a product?

  1. Has anyone ever patented a product/idea? If so, how did you get started? Looking for ideas to point me in the right direction . . . .
  2. I have four patents - but will note the company I work for foots the bill and subsequently owns the patent. For my efforts I get a couple bucks and a pat on the back. lol. :biggrin: So unfortunately I am no help at going it alone.

    Note that patents can take years to go through and the cost can be quite expensive. That said (as well as other research) you may want to talk to a Patent Lawyer for additional information.

    (btw good luck with everything! :smile: )

  3. My husband has a few.
  4. I've got one with a partner but I didn't really do much of the administrative stuff sorry.
  5. Thanks for the info girls, I got to get started :smile:

  6. LMAO. I have to get started too. I owe two patents this year for my performance review. I am going down........
  7. My brother works at the US Patent office and he said it is virtually impossible to get one without a lawyer who specializes in this, just writing up the patent can be difficult for most people... so I'd get yourself to a patent lawyer and work with them on the process. I know it is pretty pricey process.
  8. i've worked in a patent office before.

    if you are filing a patent application for the first time, it is better to get a patent agent. Filing the form itself is easier than drafting the specification. Specification must be done properly on Day 1 in order to ensure your rights to the invention are fully covered.

    Many lay applicants do not understand the importance of a patent specification. Let me stress that -- it is VERY important!

    After you have filed the application, you would need advice on subsequent actions. Hence for 1st timer, do get one good patent agent and learn from the person on procedural stuff so that for your next filing, you would have a better idea what to do.

    good luck!
  9. My friend also worked for a patent lawyer, I went to see him once, but now I know this man who has an insane amount of patents to his credit and quiet a few that have mad it big, I just always talk to him first now. good luck with your ideal!