Has anyone ever ordered Restylane from Canada

  1. Hello Ladies, I was wondering about This.... A woman I work With said the other day That she got Restylane Online from Canada... for around $200 hundred dollars, has anyone ever heard of this? Or know anyone who has done that,? You just get a syringe of it, with directions, and that's it!! And she looks amazing, but I don't know if I could inject myself I hate needles, But I don't know much about Restylane prices, I am sure they vary, But she said if she would had gone and gotten it done it would have cost her around $1,200.. I am wondering ...What do You think Ladies??
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  3. I wouldn't do it. Resylane is an injectible and if not injected in the right places you could end up looking crazy. And there are plenty of fake drugs out there.

    Why not just save up and go to a reputable doctor and have it done properly?
  4. don't even. Think about it. This is your face! With any injectibles it is all about
    technique. Check out the yesthey'refake message boards.
  5. Ordering drugs online is dangerous. You can't be assured these drugs are coming from the drug companies and you can't be assured that they are even the actual drugs. Every year, thousands of people are killed, disfigured, or made seriously ill by counterfeit drugs. You could be injecting antifreeze or poison in your face! Please, please, please don't do this!
  6. I doubt it came from Canada. As pp said, very, very risky to do.

    ETA: I found an online place that uses the name Canada in it, but the physical address is in WA.