Has anyone ever ordered LV through nordstrom or macys??


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Aug 12, 2008
Hello Ladies! Im thinking about buying my very first LV as a graduate gift to myself. I was wondering if any of you have ordered any bags from Nordstrom or Macys. I know both Nordstrom and Macys ship via UPS but on the LV site it states they ship via Fedex. I have had so many problems with fedex when I purchase from Saks and Neimans. Do any of you know if I buy through macys or nordstrom if they will ship via ups???


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Jun 13, 2009
Brooklyn, New York
Firt of all congratulations on your graduation marcella.

To answer your question, any LV boutiques inside department store function seperately from their hosting department store. While they are *in* the department store they are not *part* of it. LV has their own staff, rules and regulations. So you will actually be dealing directly with LV, not the department store and therefore wil be subjected to LV's shipping methods.

I've had to order an item from a LV boutique in Florida recently and it shipped the day and time they said it would. They also require a signiture for any LV parcel.

Hope this helps and good luck!