Has anyone ever ordered from Guest House Boutique?

  1. Hi,

    Has anyone ever ordered anything from: www.GuestHouseBoutique.com

    They claim to sell 100% Authentic items but I'm not sure so I figured I'd ask now and save my self much heartache!!

    Many thanks!!
  2. Perhaps this question is in the wrong thread?:confused1:
  3. This would be better posted in the Wardrobe forum. Maybe some of the jeans loving gals there could help you.
  4. They sell more than just jeans!! :p LOL

    I actually wanted an opinion as to whether or not the items they sell are authentic.

    I don't go by what they claim since many sellers, even on eBay, claim authentic but the items are not.

    Don't know if the mod wants to move this post but that is okay by me.
  5. The only thing that bothers me is that they don't reveal a physical address anywhere on their website. Plus they have a toll-free number so they could be anywhere. For me, those things are red flags.
  6. Good point!! I didn't take notice of that until you brought it up.
    I found myself questioning their prices because they do seem to good to be true and I think most of us know exactly what that means!! LOL
    I didn't want to find myself buying something just because it seems like such a great price.
    Thanks for the answers. I guess I knew where this was going but hey..doesn't cost anything to ask!

    AZ Gal