Has Anyone Ever Ordered a Designer Handbag From Amazon.com?

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  1. I'm still looking for a smaller-size Mulberry handbag, and found this on Amazon:


    The bag is perfect, but it's listed by a 3rd-party seller (not Amazon itself) called "Jade Boutique" and I don't know anything about them. Amazon doesn't really talk much about returns to sellers, so I think it's largely up to the seller. :worried:

    I would skip all this and go through Mulberry, but I haven't seen anything on their site that's made of Darwin leather in a smaller size. This style must be a couple of years old.

    Has anyone ever bought a handbag this way? Do you know if Amazon sellers are held to a higher standard than eBay sellers? Would you trust Amazon to make it right if the seller did not?

  2. well, i can't be much of a help. I ordered a prada handbag which i love, but it was directly from amazon. Although, from some things I have heard, amazon wouldn't or couldn't do anything if someone was disappointed with a third party seller...and I also heard that some of the third party sellers are not nessacarily( <--i don't think i spelled that right) authentic . By the way, that is a SHARP lookin bag!

    not sure if ya saw but here is a link with feedback info and stuff : http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/seller/shipping.html/104-2750755-6906302?%5Fencoding=UTF8&seller=A242Z34VYGHM9W
  3. Thanks... that's what I was afraid of. Sigh. :sad:
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