Has anyone ever ordered a custom bag?

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  1. I have a great SA in Valley Fair (Santa Clara, CA) Cissy (for anyone near I highly recommend her!)

    Anyway, I have wondered about a custom bag for awhile, but am too chicken to ask. Once when I was in the store someone was picking up a custom travel case, she said it took quite awhile, but loved it.

    Has anyone ever ordered custom?
  2. how much more is a SO bag? i am thinking of damier trouville? is it 30% more than the retail price of a monogram? TIA!
  3. ^ yes of what i have heard it is 30% extra of the original bag to have a change in lv fabric (im assuming nomade and suhali etc would be more expencive) can you special order differently designed bags? how much extra is that?
  4. Well, I tried twice to place a special order for the Pegase porte-document and they said they had to ring France to find out the price, etc (indeed, 30% more than the "normal" price plus 6-8 months wait) and I never got the answer :hysteric: !!!
    I feel like a 2nd hand customer, to be honest :censor: I don't spend fortunes in the shop (in Amsterdam) but I'm quite regularly buying stuff for me and to give as presents...
    So, that was my experience with the SO... perhaps in the future I'll order something, in Brussels or Paris!!!

    Edit: forgot to say I wanted the porte document in Damier as it comes only in mono
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