Has anyone ever noticed....?

  1. that almost all the prices for Coach items end with an 8? Just thought I'd throw that out there.
  2. Never thought about it until now. hmmm
  3. I did. I pay attn. to number though...its good to know that I am not the only one.
  4. I have NO idea if this would have anything to do with anything, but I know some Coach production is based in China and in that culture, 8 is a lucky number. Some companies will do things to accomodate the corporate culture. For example, I just read an article on how Disney, when building Disneyland in Hong Kong, went out of their way to use Chinese traditions and beliefs in building and marketing the park - so their ballroom is 888 square feet b/c 8 is a lucky number. Maybe Coach did something similar in using the 8 at the end of their prices.

    If not, sorry to babble, but welcome to my world of useless trivia!
  5. yes! i did noticed it just like in juicy couture, it ends in 5
  6. You would think that the kind folks at Coach would appreciate how WE notice these things and give us kick backs!

  7. Interesting.. LOVE useless Trivia, it always comes in handy at some point:p
  8. wow ..who would have thought great bags....and a little bit of coach trivia!!!
  9. Good thought, but if I remember correctly, their retail prices have always ended in 8, even when they were made in the US. ;)
  10. maybe! that's what i thought as well. but it'll be interesting to see if coach prices orignally started with an eight b/c if so then probably not. since coach did start off with its products made in italy.
  11. I have. I alway correct someone, when they say the price is $195 or $199 I say it's $198.
  12. You're right! I just checked all my tags and all prices in dollars end with 8! Interesting!
  13. I noticed!! Weird..mini skinny $38.00, charm $28.00, wristlets $98.00, so on.
  14. The only items I noticed so far that don't end in an 8 are a couple of the new mini skinnys. They are $42. I must be obsessing about Coach too much to notice this.
  15. i noticed that too when i got my new skinny. drove me slightly crazy.

    i'm a little numbers obsessed...