Has anyone ever kept a Bbag for the color?

  1. OK....I have an '05 Grey Twiggy that I absolutely LOVE the color but not so much the style but I'm reluctant to let it go until I find an '05 Grey City. I do carry it but I'm just not digging the Twiggy as much as the City. So, I'm just wondering if anyone else has ever had this dilemma before? :sad:
  2. Absolutely, and I wasn't even using them. :shame: They were enshrined in my closet and I guess I was waiting for them to mysteriously morph into my fave styles. They never obliged! :shrugs:
  3. my jaune twiggy is still sitting in the closet....
    i love the color and the shape and style of the twiggy is still growing on me...
    i hope it grows and grab hold.... or i'm gonna have to return it....
  4. Yes, still hanging on to my magenta shoulder for dear life... :p
  5. I don't use my 05 turq First often, but I wouldn't giver her up, she's gorgeous but harder to match than my other bags (love the First shape as well) :love:
  6. hMmm... I've kept my Vert FOnce Day... just because of the leather & color. But it's also the least color that goes with my wardrobe. But, my sisters stalking it now after seeing crackers... so wherever it goes.. it's gonna have to stay within the fam. :p
  7. hehe, both of my bags are kept b/c of the colors, I could live w/out either a city or a day. If these bags were, say, black, I'd never even lay my eyes on them.
  8. yes, i've totally done that!! my fav color of all time is anis and i bought one in the twiggy style, even tho i already knew i hated the twiggy because i had bought and sold one before. the color and leather were beyond amazing, but i eventually had to let it go to someone who would love AND use it!!

    sometimes you just gotta let these beauties go to an appreciative home - it's too sad and they are too beautiful to force them to live in the closet!! your 05 grey city will show up one day and if you let your twiggy go, you'll have the $$ to buy it! :smile:
  9. I'm family now, right?? :graucho:
  10. I almost never buy them unless I like the style that color is on. I don't like the First, too small so even if I see it in an older color that I adore, I pass on it. If I don't like the style of the bag, no matter what color it is, I won't buy it.

  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao: Just wanted to let you know... you crack me up!!! You make my day @ work easier... hahah. hMMm... Yes, you're family. ;) hahahah.... :lol:
  12. Yes, Still have two Violets because I love the color- Step and City. I know, I've had enough time to decide. I ordered the First too, so then I will have the whole Violet family and maybe decide....They are just too pretty to look at. I agree, if they were all Black, I might not have such a hard time deciding.
    I guess I can blame this on peri- menopause:sweatdrop:
  13. Purse-Ooooh- Your dog is sooooo cute!!!!
    Sorry, off topic- but I couldn't resist!
  14. Yes, all the time! Don't get me wrong, I love my collection, but I can't afford to be picky over the style of a Bbag if the right colour comes up for me. Being in Australia, and the hours I work, I can never get on waitlists in time. Local boutiques don't get every style either. I guess there are 3 of my Bbags that I would change to a different style if I could find them in mint brand new condition. Mint condition is bery important to me. I am a tassels and corners freak!

  15. I'm usually that way too but since I've discovered Bbags 2 months ago, I've been trying different styles to see what suits me best and I am definitely hands-down a City girl :tup:. I do use the Twiggy so it's not as if it's sitting in my closet but I really would love to find the '05 Grey City before letting go of this beautiful bag:love:.