Has Anyone ever heard of THOMAS WYLDE

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  1. I'm in love with this bag. I first saw it featured in Elle mag. Then later I saw it in Us mag (Sienna Miller has one) and I really fell in love! (Not because she has one) I really like that new Skull look. I have purchased Alexander McQueen's skull scarf in EVERY color! So my thing is do I want to get this bag? It's selling for a heafty $2,650, it's not that I can't afford it but will I use it more than once? I own approx. I own hundreds of bags and I know that most of them I use about a week and then it's of to the shelf. But I REALLY love this bag,.......... FEEDBAK PLEASE HELP!!!!
  2. I think you could def wear it more than once and I LOVE the Alexander McQueen scarves! lucky duck
  3. Thanks! That's my concern! I love this bag to much to put it away. But I was also inlove with all the other bags that need air on my shelf!
  4. I'm just starting to hear about this designer, the availability of her clothes, scarfs and handbags is so scarce :sad: ! The bag is beautiful, I love it! If you could afford it, go for it! By the way, I can't find one McQueen scarf available here in the westcoast!...and you have every color..:amazed:! Can you give me one...when you're tired of it :smile:...pleaseee.
  5. haha! I just purchased another one this morning. Call the Alexander McQueen store here in NY and ask to speak to Mo (tell her your Elena's Freind, and that I purchased one today) she will ship it to you for free! I see that on ebay they go for about 500, but the price for the large is $245, here's the number 1-212-645-4956.
  6. :love:
  7. I want that bag too! But on ebay, the just hve it in brown! I wonder how it'll looks on the brown leather..
  8. If you want it in brown you can get it from the retail store:


    It retails there for $1975. ;)
  9. never heard of it
  10. I really want the black one.. But i just missed it! The last one was sold last nite at 11.00pm.. *cry*

    Wish i've seen this thread earlier..
  11. i've recently seen it too and just LOVE it! go for it - and please share pictures!
  12. To be honest I dont think the bag is that good looking :S. But if it's your style then go ahead.