has anyone ever heard of this?

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  1. hi all

    i am new to the chanel forum and have a question: i was in the chanel boutique on 57th yesterday and i tried on a jumbo flap. the SA suggested i try it on messenger style, and while it looked really cute, the bag hung too low. the SA then said that she would be able to put a hook on the strap to shorten the strap and allow the bag to sit a little higher. have any of you ever heard of this before? or use it? does anyone have pics of what it looks like?

  2. Probably a hook underneath the flap to shorten it? I've seen other people do it with velcro in pictures.
  3. ive heard of people adjusting this chain but not sure what she meant.
  4. I just tried fellow TPF'ers suggestion to use a small key ring. It works pretty good. It is better than what I was doing before. Thank you :smile:Here's pics for reference.

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