Has anyone ever heard of this and can you even do this..

  1. I am not sure if something is getting lost in translation here but I have to say I am really confused right now. There is a balenciaga bag on eBay a pink rare one. There was only one picture so I emailed the seller to see if she had more.

    This is what the auction says:

    This is the email I get back from the seller:

    So the bag in the auction is not for sale. I think she needs to be a bit more clear about it in her auction as it never states that the bag is not for sale. Although after going back and reading it again she never says she is selling the bag either.

    Is this allowed on eBay? It is the sellers choice to pay the fee's and list the item but wouldn't you think it would confuse some bidders. This reminds me of the judge judy where someone paid $400 for cell phones and the seller only sent pictures of the cell phones because that's what the auction was really for.
  2. Can you post the item number?
  3. I guess it is legal but it really doesn't make much sense. Listing an auction that says you will soon be listing a certain group of items seems like a waste of time and money to me. Why not just wait until you have the new items ( especially since you don't know exactly what they will be) and list them when they arrive? If I can't understand the auction I definitely wouldn't buy from that seller in the future.
  4. I am not sure if that is allowed but the item # is 190085325309. Mods feel free to take this down if it is not allowed.
  5. After looking at the auction I think I see what she is trying to do. She is trying to get people to e-mail her so she can sell the bags directly and not pay eBay fees. It says buyers can e-mail her to reserve a bag. How they would do that if she doesn't know what is coming is beyond me. Oh and that IS illegal on eBay. You are not allowed to do anything that hints at selling bags directly or avoiding ebay fees.
  6. That's what I thought as well but I guess I am just miffed because I love the bag in the picture and got all excited about nothing.
  7. The bag in the pic is really beautiful. I love the color. Maybe you can find it somewhere else?

  8. So weird! I think I ever read on eBay-some user or seller agreement that we can't create listing for item which is not avalaible or listing for nothing! She may abuse eBay rules.
  9. Yes I agree !
  10. Correct, it is a violation of eBay rules to post a listing where nothing is available for sale. The listing should be reported.
  11. Yeah, the same thing happened with people getting ripped off thinking they were buying PS3s... you can't sell something based on the anticipation that you will have it.