Has Anyone Ever Heard of Tasche Handbags?

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  1. I did a search and nothing came up for this brand. I was at Sam's, of all places, and saw about 7 or 8 of these leather bags that, quite frankly, resemble Tano. They come with a wallet inside that matches the bright color of the leather, which is really a great idea. And when I say that the colors were bright, I meant it.....green, blue, red, gold...... I had to check them out. The lining matched the color of the bag, which was a striped material. They are marked at retail for $115, but are being sold for $69. I thought they were a great bag for under $70, for heaven's sake! Does anyone know anything about these bags because, of course, the sales person behind the counter had not a clue. Thank you!
  2. Boo Hoo..... no one has heard of this brand at all? I posted at the Tano Sub Forum, too, in hopes of getting just a little bit of feedback.
  3. I'm stumped....Googled it and everything :P
  4. I know, Voodoo! I did too and didn't find a thing.....
  5. Now I'm dying to know.
    I figure you know Tasche means "bag" in German.
    Thought that might help in searching, but it didn't help me on google.
  6. Well, I just bought one of these bags at Sam's (a friend had one in blue). I got the mustard color one. I too googled it and came up blank. No idea of the country of origin, but I do love the bag and matching wallet. Looks like good quality. My friend is kinda snooty about her handbags and she also bought some as gifts. That's all I know.
  7. Does Sam's do online sales like Costco? I am wondering if anyone could snag us a photo.
  8. I bought one of these bags at Sam's before Christmas......they are very good bags. My daughter (NYC) sent me this site. If you click on it and scroll down on the right, there is a periwinkle blue leather bag called the French Nanny........looks just like the bag from Sam's.

    I found a lot of Tasche leather bags doing both Google and Dogpile searches, but none that said who owns the company or anything like that. I think they are put together in Italy, but not positive.
  9. I did the exact same thing you did. The bags really catch your eye, don't they! AND with a matching wallet! I got the periwinkle with black trim. I tried a search, and I only found your post! Will keep looking...
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    Okay This might be a load of bollocks, however my friend (who found Tasche at the Market in Dallas) was told by the distributor/gal at the booth that Tasche is Manufactured by Tano... And If I remember her correctly, Tasche uses the remnants of leather cuttings from the manufacture of Tano, which is why the bag pattern is different...kind of like a "green" cousin...
    Again could be a complete lie so she'd buy them for her store, but I love my "Faux-rench" Nanny in red. I've had many people complement my "Tano" and I've had even more fun saying "No, it's not a Tano, it's a Tasche!" good to know where else I can find these!
  11. Do you mean Tausche ? That's a German brand, you do not really see the "u" on the label at first sight...
    look at this...


    there is an English version available but I am not sure if it's what you're looking for, I am not sure if they are selling internationally in stores....but it's the only German brand I know with a similar name...
  12. No, the one at Sam's is Tasche, and they are still selling them where I live here in Florida. Haven't seen anyone sporting one, but they must have sold a lot of them because there are only a few left as of two days ago. I've been watching them because I have the Tano French Nanny and was curious about them.
  13. Tano doesnt manufacture any products under any name but TANO. Tashe has no relation to Tano. Ive seen those Tashe bags at sams club and they are clearly "inspired by" Tano bags. And thats fine... I just wanted to set the record straight.
  14. I ran across these Tasche handbags today at Sam's Club today. They caught my eye because of the Tano inspiration (who in turn reminds me of Balenciaga inspiration).

    BTW, Nino Bossi is another very similar style of glazed leather handbag, sold via eBags.