has anyone ever heard of RainUrbana.com?

  1. Hello all TPFers,

    I would love to buy a Kooba Dylan in cuoio, but it's so hard to find online :girlsigh:. I haven't checked the stores yet. However, I did find a website, listed below,


    This site looks legit b/c it has a boutique store in South Lake Tahoe in California. Since it's my first time buying a handbag online, I just want to make sure my money isn't going to the wrong hands.

    I hope anyone could help me out. Also, if there is any site out there still selling this color, PM quick hehe :tup:
  2. Hey there Tink :smile:

    I've not heard of them before but they certainly look legit. The Dylan looks good, but then they could be stock pictures. If you're really concerned I'd recommend calling (or e-mailing) and asking if they buy directly from Kooba, etc.

    Unless of course one of our other Kooba aficionados is familiar with the site and can vouch for them....
  3. Thanks KoobaMe. I hope this is real b/c I want that bag :wlae:
  4. Yes we are a legitimate boutique and everything we carry is authenticate from our jeans, to our accessories.

    I am the SEO for the website and the brother to Francisco Rodriguez proprietor of Rain Urbana boutique in South Lake Tahoe and to the website http:\\www.rainurbana.com

    If you still feel uneasy, check our Privacy Policy or Returns Policy on the website or feel free to call us at 530- 544-1700 anyone of our assistants would be happy to help you.

    I hope this clarifies your question.

    Shop with confidence online, I hope to see you shopping at RainUrbana.com soon.


    Alejandro Rodriguez