Has anyone ever heard of Dance Dance Revolution? DDR

  1. We got 2 DDR pads for the kids for Christmas and it is so much fun!! I love the workout you get and the songs just fly by so fast you don't realize how long you are doing it.

    It is fun having 2 pads because then we can "challenge" each other.

    Does anyone else have DDR?
  2. My oldest son had one a few years ago, he loved it!
  3. My brother has it but everytime I try it, I'm such a spaz, I can never follow along!! I gave up!
  4. I love doing DDR!! I love dancing and it's so much fun!
  5. It's my only source of exercise besides walking through the mall.
  6. Yeah, I have a dancepad, and it's really fun. And I have to agree with bleeaptn, besides shopping it is the only source of exercise that is actually fun :smile:
  7. no. its too boring and hard for me.
  8. I don't have DDR but I would LOVE to get one ... It's the best and most effective to exercise without feeling like you're exercising. I also like the selections of songs on the game.:yes:
  9. I have always wanted to try it. I figured it would be a good workout. The only reason I didn't do it before is that I was 360 pounds, and I was afraid I would break the dancepad! I may try now that I am smaller.
  10. I love DDR. My husband traded his playstation in for a Xbox 360 and I can't wait for it to come out for the 360. We have great girls nights where we drink wine and have "dance offs". :wlae::yahoo:
  11. Hey ArmCandyLuvr, you're in Wisconsin, come on over and try it!! I'm west of Milwaukee.

    I know what you mean! We had a New Year's Eve Eve party with parents and kids. By the end of the night we had kicked all the kids off and the parents were grooving to the beat!!
  12. Yup I think it's been out in Japan and HK since at least 1999...I had it on Playstation but my Playstation broke so I've been DDR-less for the past three years :sad:
  13. I used to play it all the time at the arcades!! Back when I was ... err.. 17? And I'm 24 now :p

    The "home version" felt more flimsy, when I tried it out at a friend's party. But it's still fun nonetheless! :yes:
  14. So true!
    The arcade version is so much more fun...and more challenging too!
    I rarely got above C's at the arcade...but at home it was usually an A!!
  15. Yes DH bought me one 2 years ago. I had so much fun :biggrin: Anyway, I ripped the pad after a couple of months because I was using it everyday!. Hehehe