Has anyone ever has this experience...?

  1. I purchased a pair of Diesel jeans for my boyfriend on eBay about two months ago... but then he didn't like it.. so I posted onto Yahoo Bidding to sell.. the worstest part is.. later I found from another potential buyer telling me that the Jeans are replicas!!! So I had to take off the bidding once I found out they are not authentic!! I was so mad and embarrassed because the seller said on the description that It was authentic..

    Anyways.. I'm still mad now because of my stupidity..:cursing:

    And the worst part is, I didn't find out til a week before... so I guess it's too late to file a complaint!
  2. I'm sorry to hear that. What a bummer.
  3. How does this potential buyer know they are fake? Are you sure?

    If you are sure, and you paid for the jeans with a credit card, file a dispute with them if it is too late to file with eBay or Paypal.
  4. I know.. because the buyer posted a question like "Authenticate this" in a diesel forum.. and someone in there has told him that the jeans I purchased was a replica.. then I asked him to send me more pictures of what a original one would look like.. then.. I did a comparison.. The jeans I have purchase is truly not the ones like the Authentic Jeans..

    Filing with CC? Can I?! I mean.. it's past two months.. even though the jeans are still unwore with tags.
  5. Yes, definitely call your credit card company and tell them that you received counterfeit merchandise as a result of an eBay sale. I bet you will get your money back. Good luck!
  6. :crybaby:nop.. I called AMEX today.. she told me that she couldn't open an investigation due to time limit.
  7. ouch that sucks that has happened to you.... i didn't even know they made fake diesels....
  8. Fake jeans? What's next sorry this happended to you
  9. phew, loads of fake jeans around....

    I feel for you. my first purchase off of ebay was a pair of SFAM jeans and I thought I had gotten the bargain of the century... only to find out AGE AGES AGES later that they were fake. I contacted the seller but I am pretty sure they were just laughing at me - in retrospective. it sucks but file it away as the ebay learning curve! sorry about this fuss though.

  10. eBay is full of fake Diesel, Replay and Miss Sixty!! Its appalling!

    Im so sorry that this has happened to you, i had the same issue with a pair of Replay. In the end i went mental at my c/c company and they sorted it out in the end.
  11. Wow.. seems like some ppl also has the same experience as I do...


    I just can't believe that I thought I got the authentic ones and it turned out to be fake... It's like carrying a fake purse around without knowing it's fake..

    Even though I paid 1/2 of what regular Diesel would cost.. still... fakes jeans shouldn't cost me that much.. I rather get a pair of cheap jeans from old navy.. at least I know that they are authentic for sure..