Has Anyone Ever Had...

  1. ... a pale rose or ice blue that DIDN'T yellow?

    i love these colours and am very careful with my bags so not afraid of them getting dirty so much. but i WOULD be heartbroken if they ever turned yellow and icky :crybaby:

    can anyone offer hope?

    and why is it that white bags don't seem to suffer this problem?
  2. I'd love to know this too. I have a pink shoulder which has both faded and yellowed. I would love a pink box, but daren't risk it, unless there's some trick I could use to avoid this happening again.

    Can anyone advise ponypie and I?
  3. I have had both and they turned yellow despite covering them with towels while in my car and babying them more than any other bag.

    I LOVE the pale pink, but there is no way I would ever buy another pink or ice blue anymore.
  4. I have never had either but since I have seen darker colors turn yellow(lilac, turq 04, sky) I can imagine that these will turn reeeally yellow... I'm sorry to tell you this, but my advice is to forget about pale rose and ice blue or buy them, wear them for two weeks to get it out of your system and then resell... :tdown:
  5. It is a mystery why White stays white... I'm glad though because my white WE is still gorgeous :heart:
  6. does this happen with other colors too? like black or brown?

    sorry im new to balenciaga bags (i recently went to the museum tho :yahoo:)
  7. I have one that hasn't yellow at all! :yes:
  8. Here's a couple of informative posts from the past:

  9. serious? they yellow? my Lilac is fine as I have been conditioning them diligently.. it's something to think abt and I am thinking about Sandstone..
  10. wow i didn't expect such high end bags to yellow, ok great now because i feel sad once in a while on missing out on pale rose, my favourite pink. yay
  11. :cursing:
    Balenciaga really needs to address these issues and do something about it! These are very expensive bags and should not be turning yellow or fading, especially in such a short time. If there is some protectant than Bal should provide it. If the bags can be sent to them for repairs, then they should find a way to service the bags that are prone to fading and yellowing!!!
  12. thanks for all your responses!

    happyangel: looks like u have a real rarity to be treasured! :tup:

    fred&ginger and donna!: i feel your pain! was really horrified by some of the colour changes i've seen in pictures..

    well after all you've said, the solution for me personally will be to avoid them altogether, sadly. totally agree with deana. at these prices, the bags should stay gorgeous forever!

    on the upside: we have practically every other colour of the rainbow to choose from hehehe