Has anyone ever had this diagnosis?

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  1. The diagnosis was an "infection in my head." Truth is...that's exactly how it feels. The doctor examined me and that was her term. My whole head *does* feel infected, though it has lessened some just tonight. It's definitely not just the sinus area. This started last week and by Sunday I was almost in tears when I went to Urgent Care.

    She gave me a strong anti-inflamatory shot, and then put me on 500 mg of Levaquin - tablet form - and it's better but I'm definitely not feeling up to par just yet, and I've taken 6 days of the Levaquin. Shouldn't I be feeling *much better by now?

    Anyway, that was the first I've heard of an infection in your entire head. Anybody else had this? Off to bed again, and I'll check with you all tomorrow to see if this is an unusual diagnosis. Thanks in advance.
  2. Wow, sorry to hear about your illness! Hope you recover quicly. I've never heard of this. Is it a sinus infection that spread? Is it something that gets passed around like a cold or the flu?

    Feel better!
  3. I think I would ask the doctor for clarification.
  4. Shimma....I think a clarification is definitely in order. :smile: I've had a sinus infection before, so I know how that feels. This feels like it is all over the upper part of my head, though, and the "head infection" diagnosis seemed to really fit at the time. I only thought later about how odd that sounded/seemed. This was not a doctor you usually get when you go there. The other doctors are very specific, and really, tell you more than you need to know. I'll get it clarified by my regular doctor if this doesn't go away soon. Thanks. :smile:
  5. I would give them a call on Monday. It could be that the doctor's intention was to make the information accessible to you, and maybe did not understand that YOU understand the term "sinus infection!"

    To be fair, there are many people who might not understand that, and "infection in the head" might be the best way to communicate the nature of the problem to them.

    However, I think it is very unlikely that s/he will have put "infection of the head" in your chart, so if you give the facility a call, and ask them for the diagnosis from that particular visit, they should be able to clear it up for you. And if you are not experiencing significant and dramatic improvement of your symptoms after several days of taking that antibiotic, they also need to know about that, they may want you to come back in, or they might just want to call something else in to your pharmacy!
  6. I second Shimma- I have had something feel similar to what you are explaining, but the DR sounded more DRly than this! This seems really half-diagnosed and you deserve some clarification!

    Either way, hope you are feeling better soon!!!