Has anyone ever had their leather handbag dyed?

  1. I’m not sure if this has been brought up before…

    But anyone ever have their handbags professionally dyed? I have a white leather bag that I love - but recently spilled red wine on it. L Hoping to have it dyed to maybe black or red.

    I’m planning to take the bag to a local leather repair shop – but looking to see if anyone has had personal experience dying their bag.

  2. Thanks to the Balenciaga forum I was brave enough to dye a bag myself. I bid on a vintage Coach bag on E-Bay. When the bag arrived it was horrible - old, beaten up, ink marks, darkening. It was much worse than the pictures or description had been.

    I actually tossed it immediately into my garbage can at work. That night I came home, read some of the dye experiences from the Balenciaga group and the next day I pulled it out of the garbage and ordered two bottles of Tarrago shoe leather dye (they have a great selection of colors, I went one color darker than the British tan my bag was originally).

    It took me about a week to do 3 separate layers of dye but the bag turned out great. It looks vintage but like new. I love it and feel proud that I was able to make something out of nothing.

    The directions that come with the Tarrago dye packet are clear. I wouldn't hesitate to dye another bag myself.
  3. Thanks so much for the threads! I wound up doing a search for Tarrago - looks like quite a few TPFers have dyed their bag with good results.

    Alexenjie - wow, you give me hope! I definitely going to buy the Tarrago dye. Thanks!
  4. It works great!! I have had nothing but good experiences with it on bags I have re-done or touched up.
  5. Hello there,

    I want to dye my yellow balenciaga classic town red. Do you think it is possible? And how many bottles of terrago dye do you think i will need?

    Thank you :smile:
  6. it must be very expensive i guess
  7. yeah its ok to do it but the originality dissappears
  8. I've seen people do it and get great results, most of them suggest getting 2 bottles to be on the safe side and since the Tarrago dyes are reasonably priced I say get 2. Am also going to dye my marc Jacobs crossbody, just ordered the dye. Goodluck!
  9. I have a Cynthia rowley orange satchel. The whole things started turning black from my jeans and I was traveling thru Europe at the time. I took it to a leather 'tanner' and cleaned it and redyed my bag vibrant orange. It looks and feels like new.

    If its a bag u love, use constantly, and r willing to fix DO IT!!! U won't regret it. Good luck
  10. Ladies,
    the Tarrago products are very good just remember to prep the leather with a leather cleaner before you dye anything. Try not to cake the dye on the leather or it will eventualy crack. Light coats and let it dry before the second coat. Always remember you will have better results if you go from "light to dark" but not from "dark to light". :biggrin:
  11. What types of leathers do you think are best suited for dying? Is smooth or grain better? I have some bags that after reading this post I am seriously considering dying!
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    Am dyeing three of my bags using the Tarrago self shine kit.. here's what I've done so far...
    mj redeye.jpg mJ redeye 2.jpg
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  13. Second pic is with two coats. Waiting for it to dry completely to decide if it needs a third coat.