Has Anyone Ever Had The Slings On Their Slingbacks Altered?

  1. Help! The slings on my new Hollywoulds are slipping off my heels when my foot moves forward in the shoes. Everything else fits perfectly. Has anyone ever had the backs altered? There is a little big of elastic at the back that could be snipped, but I'm wondering how much to remove, as the slings don't really slide off until I walk.
  2. I'm thinking of doing that on my Marc Jacobs slings, they'res a bit of blue elastic that I want to get tightened so they dont slip off when I walk. I'm also curious to see if anyone has gotten this done.
  3. My Manolo carolynes do this and it's so annoying. A friend told me that a good cobbler can fix this, I just need to get down there!
  4. oo i have that problem too with alot of my slingbacks - I should find a good cobbler...I don't want to go to any random one though and risk them ruining my shoe though!
  5. Okay--since no one seemed to have experience with fixing this, I took the plunge on my Hollywoulds. I had 1/4" taken off the back elastic on each sling. They work fine now--don't slip at all. It cost me $15 and a lot of anxiety because I really like the shoes. So now, I'm happy because it makes it easier to buy slingbacks and have them fit right. It's very hard to figure out though how much to have taken off. The quarter-inch seems to work fine though, for me.
  6. Oooh great! I'm happy it worked. Now I really need to bring in my Caros!
  7. yaaaaa!! good job on biting the bullet haha! I am going to take my sling backs in too!
  8. Wow, I am so glad I read this thread. I had bought a pair of slingbacks from J. Crew and only wore them once because they kept on slipping off all day. I didn't know that could be fixed, and will take them for repair.
  9. I bought a pair of gorgeous Jil Sander suede slingbacks a couple of years ago and I ended up using doubled-sided tape (on the back of slight taped to my ankle) and it worked perfectly!
  10. ooh! this is a great thread! 2 pairs of my marc jacobs slings do this... one pair is just a bit too big in general, and the other pair i've worn so much the elastic is now really loose.

    I'll take them in to get them... taken in! thanks for taking the leap susan-eric!
  11. I've done it a few times. Works great. I bring mine to a local shoe repair here in NYC.
  12. The other thing my shoe guy advised is to put a halter cushion in on the ball of the foot to keep the foot from slipping forward, which then loosens the slingback. There's a German company called Tacco that makes them and I'm sure there's others. It's a less expensive solution, or it can be used in combination. The halter cushion though, in my opinion, ruins the aesthetics of the shoe (for me--no one else can see it), so in that sense, I'd rather have the backs restitched. But in one of the shoes I had altered, the elastic stretched again now and I did add a halter cushion.
  13. I have altered them many times, sometimes even adding some elastic on very tight ones and most of the times cutting some out. Believe me you just have to find a reputable person to do it for you and you have nothing to worry about.


    1. No one pays that much attention to that part of the shoes
    2. You love your shoes and you want to wear them often
    3. you love yourself and you desrve to feel and show comfortable in them
  14. I've had the cobbler do that plenty of times... it's not that expensive too.. maybe $20?