Has anyone ever had anything authenticated by My Poupette?

  1. This post may be in the wrong area. I wasn't sure quite where to put it, since it really isn't a question about authenticating a particular item. Mods, please move it if it should be somewhere else!

    I was wondering if anyone had ever used the service through My Poupette to have an auction or pictures/authenticated? I was wondering about their experiences with that, turnaround time, etc., and whether or not it seems like a good idea? Are there other authentication services that people like?
  2. If you do a search, you'll find some discussions about mypoupette and also caroldiva. I've used both with much success. However, after I found the Purse Forum, I haven't needed to use their services because everyone here knows so much! No need to pay for their services if I can get people's opinions here for free.
  3. I used them once to authenticate a Fendi Spy bag. It took them a few days to do it and they said it was a fake. They didn't go into any details at all, just that it was a fake. But, like the previous poster said, you can just use the Authenticate this here in the forums.
  4. ~DITTO:tup:We usually have Addy, LVbabydoll, Lee and John authenticate. Their response time usually in matter of minutes:yahoo:~
  5. Thanks for the replies, everyone. I have asked for authentications here, and the TPFers who authenticate LV are great! I very much respect their opinions. But I am super-paranoid, having just purchased my first LV on eBay. I have bought lots of other bags on eBay, but I am really nervous with LV, just because the faking is so incredibly rampant, and sometimes hard to tell, especially from pictures only. I have been reading all these threads about people who have had a bag for years only to find out it was a fake!

    I thought it would be worth $5 for a second opinion (and really for peace of mind, since I am _almost_ 100% sure it's real) so I submitted the auction listing I won to My Poupette (I haven't received the bag yet). It's been a few days, though, and I haven't heard anything back. I know it's the holiday season, but I submitted the auction on Wednesday. I even left a message on their voicemail. I was wondering if anyone else who had used them found it could take a while to get a reply. I never got any kind of confirmation of my submission or anything.
  6. It sounds like this is happening alot, its also happened with me in the past. I would check out the ebay sub forum, there are some interesting topics on there about this :smile:
  7. I have...they take forever and they usually respond with "with the given pictures, it appears to be real to us", which doesn't really make me feel all that confident. I trust the people on this forum MUCH more!
  8. took them around 24hrs to reply and then they disappear again.... a week now... i question about their reputation now....
  9. I have and always had a quick response from mypoupette & caroldiva.
  10. I used them about 3 years ago & they were super, however, I think maybe there's been a slight personnel change?
  11. I've had a bag authenticated from them, but that was because I harassed them. I sent them a request and they didn't do anything for a full 3 days! :cursing: Luckily, they gave me a refund and a free authentication. I will NEVER use MyPoupette again. Caroldiva was much more efficient and personable.
  12. :tup::tup:

    I Highly recommend CarolDiva.

    My poupette is HORRIBLE!:tdown::tdown::tdown::tdown:
  13. MyPoupette is not always 100% correct. They OKed on a LV for me on Ebay (way before I know of tPF), and the boutique reject service request b/c it's fake *rant* I've also know several other people's auth item were deemed fake....their error margin is getting bigger and bigger.