Has anyone ever had a repair issue on an bag

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  1. bought on ebay? If so, did you have any issues with Coach repairing and or issuing a credit?

    How many haven't had problems with a patent Tribeca?
  2. I had a huge issue with Coach repairing my handbag. I posted a thread about it, you may want to do a search. My suggestion to you is if you in fact send the bag in for repair that you take detailed photos of the bag (before you send it in). My bag was mailed in for repair and sent back without having been fixed (despite a letter that stated that had been fixed) and it was damaged. JAX claimed that the damage may have been a result of "wear" (despite the fact that I had never even used the bag ~ the bag was brand new w/tags ~ mailed to me from another store) and they would have to investigate issuing me a credit / refund for the damage. I emailed them before and after photo's and that evidence proved that the damage was done while the bag was in JAX possession.
  3. JAX will not know the bag's origin ( ebay, boutique, outlet).
    Likewise, don't offer the info either!

    My patent Tribeca is AOK
  4. You don't need a reciept when you take your bag in, so if I were you, I wouldn't tell them where I bought it. You can say it was a gift They should still be willing to send it in for you.

    I've only taken in one bag and it was from eBay. It did not have a bullseye on the creed, though. I'm pretty sure that the bags with a bullseye (indicating outlet) have to be taken to an outlet to be sent in, or at least that's what I was told at one time. Tribeccas are at the outlets now, so you may need to be concerned with that. Anyone know for sure how that works?
  5. A few months ago, I purchased an Ali from the outlet. The next day, the clasp broke on the shoulder strap. I took it to my local boutique and they offered to give me store credit for the outlet price (it had the bullseye) or they would send it in for repair. I opted for repair. It took about 6 weeks. The bag was returned with a large gouge on the clasp and a square sticky mark on the inside of flap (sticker maybe?). But, I was just happy to have the bag repaired.
  6. A couple of years ago I purchased a clay legacy wristlet on ebay and it arrived with most of the sealant peeled off. I sent it in to Coach and they said it was not repairable and kept it and issued me a credit letter for like $79. I was happy as I only paid $40 for the wristlet.
  7. ^I've had similar issues like Oops, where they weren't able to repair and I got credit instead. I'm still waiting for the end result of my haversak that had loose stitching that was going to damage the bag if left untreated.
  8. I bought a legacy shoulder bag last xmas. I knew it was coming with a broken turnlock before I got it(seller disclosed it) I brought it into the botique when I got it and told them the turnlock had broken and it needed to be sent off for repair. I did not and wouldn't have disclosed I bought it on ebay.