Has anyone ever had a designer bag specially made for them?

  1. I was just wondering if anyone else on here has had a designer bag specially made for them.

    I am very lucky as Fendi has agree to do a special order and is making me a Green Fendi spy bag as I collect them. :yahoo:

    Wondered if anyone else has had this done with Gucci or one of the other top brands or even if they do this in other brands
  2. No... I don't have imagination for the design thou, so I let the creative people do the design for me :p

    You are a lucky girl!!! ~ Congrats on your order!!!:supacool:
  3. In my wildest dreams I have had a bag made just for me. Then I woke up and had to wipe someone's butt and pack lunches and drive to the school bus.:p
  4. Yes, I have a Hermes Birkin on SO right now......sooooo exciting!