Has anyone ever had a Balenciaga-related dream?

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  1. This is a little embarrassing :shame: , but last night I dreamt that I unearthed a pink Balenciaga at a sample sale for $95. It was so real, I was kinda disappointed when I woke up... :lol:
  2. Yes! I dreamt about that ice blue b-bag that is available right now at the store in NYC! BTW, it looked fabulous on me:lol:
  3. Not yet--but they have contributed to insomnia...
  4. I don't remember dreaming about balanciagas, but I have definitely dreamt about handbags (white multicolore louis vuitton was most memorable....ahhhh.....) but i'm also into mid century furniture and once I had a dream about a vintage knoll eames chair, and ended up with one IRL soon after!

    Dreaming can be hazardous to your wallet....
  5. Do you like pink bags IRL? i once heard that the color pink in dreams (rose pink to be exact) is a symbol of universal love and nurturing (like a soft, mothering energy) and when it shows up in dreams you're connecting with that. :love:
  6. This is so weird, I had a dream about my Ink City the other night. I was at the actual Balenciaga store in NY and actually talking to Joseph my SA. I purchased the INk and it seemed so real :shame:
  7. totally agree!!! :amuse:
  8. Yes, I have! Actually, I've had a few :shame:
  9. Only daydreams. I tend to dream in fanfiction - my other hopeless obsession.
  10. Omigosh! I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I've actually had more than one too, and they all involve me finding a trove of B-bags at places like JC Penney or WalMart and then joyfully gathering them up to buy... :lol: :amuse:
  11. LOL I've had a few dreams too about Balenciaga bags. I dreamt I brought one home (this was when I didn't have one) and felt so exhilarated by it.. like I found a million dollars heh. :shame:
  12. That's so cool! That's the funny thing, I'm not really into pink at all in my wardrobe. Maybe my subconscious really is doing a karmic dance w/ that good stuff...
  13. spiral! that's a hilarious story. I haven't had bbag dreams though, I wish they would replace my grad school acceptance dreams instead... I'm still impatiently waiting to hear from schools, and I'm always upset when I wake up and realize it wasn't real.
  14. Spiral! That is so funny!!! About a week ago, I dreamt that I got two additional B-bags, a magenta and a navy (I don't even want a navy one in rl), but I was so happy! I had all my bags on my bed and I was trying them one after another! Trying to decide which one I was going to use that day, changing my clothes and posing in the mirror. Then I woke up. :cry: I was so bummed. What a letdown.
  15. Me too!!! A few times actually :shame: The ink popped up the most, cornflower and camel comes next.... Maybe it's a sign? :cry: