Has anyone ever gotten Tiffany cleaning fee waived?

  1. I was in line today at the Tiffany & Co. customer service center and the couple in front of me had a silver ring that was rusting or turning black or something and they had their cleaning fee waived. They said it was the first time its ever been waived for them. Has anyone ever had this fee waived and for what reason?
  2. I have a similar question does Tiffany charge to clean engagement rings? - not polish, just clean?
  3. Included in their customer servuce is free cleaning, checking stones, and polishing. For the T&Co. premium they charge they ought to make the beds and rotate the tires. :graucho:

  4. I don't know about other things but they charge for cleaning their silver pieces nowadays. They used to clean silver for free. Now its, $15 to clean a necklace. I'm wondering if I can get the fee waived for my sisters necklace... its been less than a year and it has spots where its turning black!! She has the "Return to Tiffany" Oval Tag necklace that comes on the thick chain. We have so many tiffany pieces (some a good couple years old) and this has never ever happened on a single other one! So I don't know what is going on. So I wonder if they will clean it for free or maybe we just got a bad piece? We take care of all our pieces the same so it's weird. It feels like a rip off to pay $15 to get something cleaned that isnt even out fault. I mean if we wore it A LOT and threw it around then yes, but this piece has been babied.
  5. sounds like just standard tarnish to me. it's the silver chemically reacting to the air. it's actually more likely to happen when you baby a piece (the more you wear silver, the less it tarnishes) it doesn't actually hurt the piece or mean it's defective, it just looks bad.

    you can buy a tub of silver polish (for jewlery/flatware) or a sterling polish cloth (both are avaliable at any jewelry store/walmart/target/CVS/etc) for about five dollars that will shine it up just like new.
  6. I don't know whats wrong with it. I've always cleaned my silver myself and its always come out looking nice and shiny but with this piece, I've tried everything. It won't come off. =T
  7. I've gotten it waived once... the 1st time I took my sterling heart lariat necklace in.

    The SA told me the price (I had always heard the polishing was free, so I was a little befuddled.) and I nodded... the SA gave me the option of paying when I got it back, so "okay," I said.

    The told me 3 business days... I went in on a Friday, they said I'd get it back Wednesday by 5pm.

    Wednesday, I go back in & a different SA is on shift... very friendly, goes into their back room, stays back there for what feels to me like a very long time... comes back out...doesn't look at me & heads to another SA... they both go in back....and at this point, I'm a little concerned!!

    So they come back out & the 2nd SA (mgr?) comes over and starts apologizing....one of the jump rings on my necklace broke(!) and needed to be resoldered... My necklace had been sent to be repaired, and would not be ready until the following week...

    They are so sorry...(no one could of called to tell me not drive my happy butt to the boutique that day??)...of course the cleaning fee is waived...and they are happy to have the necklace sent to my house if I want, to save me from driving out again. Will someone be home to sign for it? (sigh)

    No, and I don't want it sent to my work. (I work at a high school.)

    Lucky me, there is a 2nd boutique closer to where I work, so the they will send the necklace there & call me when it's ready for pick up.

    One of their asst mgrs at the 2nd boutique is a very nice lady I used to work with at another retail location, so I say "Thank you!" and smile and leave the store w/o my necklace for another week...

    *whew* Sorry that was kinda long, but the question brought those memories flooding back... it was a little frustrating...
  8. If you brought your engagement ring from them, they'll clean it for nothing. Every time I'm in the city, I run in and have it cleaned...so it sparkles. I haven't had any silver cleaned but a friend was browsing with me when the sales clerk noticed some gunk on her engagement ring (NOT a Tiffany ring) and offered to have it spiffed up for grat...
    ...if you've purchased from them before, you might want to pop in on a weekday and see if they're willing to waive a fee...they MIGHT be willing if it's a slow day...worth a try.
  9. Is it silver plated?
  10. Yes, I have gotten the fee waived - honestly, she didn't give me a reason - they have the ability to do this, it is on a situational basis that they choose to exercise their power to do so.

    I think I got the fee waived for being nice, and the person in front of me was NOT being nice - so, I guess the rep just decided to make a statement to others in the line: you get more flies with honey, yes :yes:
  11. No it is solid. :shrugs: NONE and I mean NONE of my other tiffany's silver has ever done this (I hope it stays this way). But even a necklace I've had for 6 years and not worn in 4 years hasn't done this. I guess I'll give it a try and hope i get a nice SA thats easy going.
  12. :yes: I had no idea they ever charged for cleaning.
  13. this may sound stupid,but why are you gal's complaining about getting your jewelry cleaned for $15.00 ?? from what i have been told on this forum,tiffany is "the best" jewelry money can buy. it's an investment.so what if you have to pay to keep it clean.you don't complain when you take your car to the carwash to get cleaned do ya? come on ladies, show some luv!!!!!

  14. I had my bamboo garden silver pocket mirror cleaned for free. The woman who helped me was so nice, too.
  15. They do free cleaning for preferred customers. I got a notice a couple of years ago that listed all these amazing services I could get for free. Though...I haven't utilized any of them yet. I assume the SA could do it for you if she wants.