Has Anyone Ever Gotten A Bag That Was a Fake?

  1. Hi Everyone!

    This is my very first post/thread

    & I was wondering if anyone has ever gotten any kind of bag as a gift
    & found out later that it was a fake?

    Well it happened to me this past christmas
    I have always wanted to own an LV since i was 13 or 14 (I'm now 17 almost 18)
    When the MC's started coming out & everyone had them.
    So for christmas I asked my dad if he'd get me one
    I didn't think he'd get it for me but he did & I was terribly excited!:lol:
    It was the Multipli-Cite! I had expected to get something smaller & less expensive
    so i was very very happy & apprecitive of what my dad got for me.
    But after awhile I started to have doubts about whether it was the real thing or not
    I returned from visiting my dad for christmas break & went on the LV website
    & went hunting for my bag & i found it BUT....
    It looked nothing like the bag i got from my dad :sad::sad:
    the handles weren't the same
    the pocket on the outside of the bag was on the wrong side.

    Anyway so after that very tramatizing experience
    I've been working very hard to save up my own money to buy a REAL one:woohoo:
    & the bag I've had my eye on is the Mono Neverfull MM!
    I'm planning on owning it by the end of april :girlsigh:
    & my next purchase I'd like to make is the Speedy 30
    (question though -maybe you guys can answer this for me- does the speedies get saggy? & if they do is there any way of keeping it from doing that?)
  2. Hi and welcome to the forum...
    I am pretty sure that your dad did that with a good intention...although it's very bad I don't think he knew how bad it is for you or what buying a fake means. Anyway I wish all the luck for saving the money. Neverfull is a great bag although I think speedy is more appropriate for a first vuitton. But that's just my opinion. I am sure that whatever you choose you can't go wrong..

    As for the speedy I know that it gets more saggy the bigger it gets.But the 30 I think it's not so keen to get saggy. I've read many threads regarding sagging speedies and most people use a magazine or a piece of cardboard when they carry heavy stuff. Ofcourse you can always get a bottom-shaper from eBay for, correct me if I'm mistaken, 29.90$

    remember that neither neverfull has a hard bottom.

    Good luck with your first louis vuitton experience
  3. Thank you so much for your input!
    I've read a post where someone mentioned a bottom-shaper
    I will definitely look into it!
  4. I got a PTI wallet as a gift, and cried when I received it-- I thought it was such a nice gift. I never knew it was fake until I posted it online to authenticate!
  5. I wanted to cry when I found out it was a fake =[
    but it is a nice bag aside from all the things wrong with it & that it's fake
  6. This has happened to me but it was EMPHATICALLY told to me that it was a fake before I even opened it.

    My father's friend goes to HK yearly in the summer and came back with a fake LV Agenda for me. Apparantely they had bought it at a place in HK where the celebrities go to pick up fake LVs when they don't want to ruin the real ones (they said they read about the place in a magazine and thought about me)???

    Of course they didn't mean ANY harm in this (in fact they had bought me the LV mono snapped billfold and coin purse just a year early from the boutique - as a gift to go along with a pouchette I had picked up so they are well aware of my LV obsession). BUT they thought it was funny and wanted me to see it.

    All I can say is it was OBVIOUSLY fake and made me sad (aside from the fact that Fakes are just BAD). Fake bags always make me feel a little sad. Not sure why. They just look so sad trying to be something they're not.

    <Moral of the Story>
    One good thing came of it. I was so sad when I saw it a couple years back (I stuck it in a pile of old books - couldn't throw it out as it was ment as a fun gift), that I went and bought the real thing. And I learned I LOVE their agendas!
  7. hi!
    i have the bottom shaper that i bought on eBay for my 30cm damier speedy.
    it works like a dream. i am now thinking of getting one for my 35 and neverfull gm.
    it keeps the perfect shape.
  8. Um yes. My neighbor went on vacation and knowingly bought me a fake D&G. It's terrible looking and she knows I carry authentic bags so...no idea why she got me THAT. I kept it in case she ever asks about it because I know she will, but it's way in the back of the closet. :yucky:
  9. Hi LVoe LV and welcome!!!
    Just like what bagmaniac said, I am sure your dad's intention is good however most men don't really get it how much we adore and love LV. Good luck with your pending purchase!!
  10. Thanks so much! I think I will definitely invest in the shaper!
  11. Yeah I'm sure he had a good intention but it kinda hurt
    & nope he really doesn't get how much I adore LV haha
  12. OMG I would have been insulted!
    & waaaay in the back is where it should be haha fakes are NEVER in fashion
  13. Are you sure he knew it was a fake? Did you talk to him about it? The only reason I ask is because I know my friend's father would do something stupid like buy it on eBay or something at a ridiculously cheap price and think it's the real deal...Lol...sometimes fathers can be pretty clueless about these things! No offense to yours in anyway!
  14. You could make a speedy base by using a cardboard cutout and cover it with a soft drawer liner for the bottom of the speedy. I'm personally against paying someone $30 for something one can make for under $5. Some girls here use small magazines or even an empty dvd case, which works in a pinch.
  15. my aunts used to give me fakes all the time!! burberry, prada, gucci.. good thing no LV.. they were not aware of it though, coz they didn't know designer bags at that time.. and come to think of it neither did i.. but now they know i love designer bags so my aunts don't buy me fakes anymore coz they know i won't be using them, i didn't say anything coz i don't want to offend, they just figured it out.