Has anyone ever ganged up on you to get rid of a bag?

  1. I cant believe I am even asking this question, but....I feel I am the victim of a conspiracy of the men in my life to ditch two bags of mine, which I thought were okay. The first one, a black clemence 31 mou bolide with palladium hardware which I have had forever. The second one, a Coach Hamptons book tote in black leather with nickel hardware that I bought at the Coach outlet for $140. I use the first when the weather is bad or with very casual clothes. I use the latter as a briefcase.

    As for the first (the bolide), my husband and my associate both hate the bag. They have each given various explanations as to why they think it is schleppy or doesnt suit me. My associate has actually suggested I "lose the bag", whereas my husband has simply tried to gently steer me toward buying another kelly or birkin to "replace" it. When I asked my husband why he liked the kelly better than the bolide he said "Because it looks better." As for the second (the Coach), my associate and most of my clients, while they dont say they hate the bag exactly, say things like "Hey Jedi what's with the bag." One of my neighbors, seeing me walk out of our building this morning with the Coach bag over my shoulder, actually did a doubletake - I saw her look at the bag and cringe.

    I am not sure how much more of this I can take. Has anyone ever divested themself of a bag because of peer group pressure?

    I am kind of clueless, since I really thought both these bags were fine.
  2. oh sweetie, if you like it you should keep it. but, post pics and we honestly tell you how it looks if you want?
  3. but let me say no, i never had that issue b/c i have a huge case of OCD and take really good care in maintenance and choosing what i carry, not everybody has to be like me.
  4. No.

    And your neighbor sounds like a *****, by the way.
  5. odd...to work in a place where you clients would talk about your bags.

    Wear what you like...if others dont like them, they should carry different purses or avert their eyes politely.
  6. Thanks guys. I am just not used to getting dissed over what I wear...I am no fashion icon, but I thought I had pretty good taste...I guess I should be flattered that people are so comfortable with me that they can freely say wha they think, unredacted :smile:
    On the other hand, just to counterbalance this issue a little - one of my best friends is a fashion stylist - she says she loves the bolide and would like one herself, and she says she doesnt see whats so bad about the coach bag...so that is encouraging...but then again, maybe she is just being tactful? No, she always tells the truth, I think.

  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I do feel for you its horrible isnt it

    Are you sharing your concerns with colleagues?
    I think they are trying to make you feel insecure about the bags

    And I would say if you like those bag you jolly well carry on using them , the bolide is gorgeous and I am sure it looks fantastic on you.

    Dont be controlled by others
    take the control back and enjoy your lovely bags
  8. Heh...even though I said what I was thinking, ummm I probably shouldn't have used that word, sorry mods if that's against the rules!

    I just realized that I also have a Coach Hamptons tote, LOL! That was an awesome work bag and even fit my laptop. Mine's the heavy ballistic nylon with leather trim & leather straps, though.

    What amazes me is that your associates go out of their way to comment on your bags. Are you in the fashion or design industry, where it would sort of be relevant to work related stuff? Or are they just kind of nosy/too opinionated in general? I know how New Yorkers can be ;) but it seems inordinately rude, still. Then again, I guess they could be jealous of your fabulousness in general!! :tup:

    BTW my husband also prefers Kellys to any other Hermes bag. I don't really know why, but maybe it's a guy thing? He has a very strong preference for the Kelly, and his second favorite is the Constance in exotics. What can I say, he's got good taste. LOL
  9. aww sorry to hear that they are making you feel bad.
    can you post pictures?

    If your husband doesn't like it oh well it's YOUR bag and your the one who will be using...as for your co-worker/neighbor don't pay them no mind
  10. who wouldn't love a bolide anyway? that i don't get at all. it's a classic and lots of people love it.
  11. i value my DH's opinions on a lot of things and do take his thoughts into consideration when it comes to handbag purchases, but in the end we both know who's the boss! hehe as for your associate and neighbor, what you carry is none of their business.
  12. All that matters is if YOU are happy with the bags
  13. No one has ever done this to me, but I don't think it's anyone's business what bag you carry.
    If you enjoy those two bags, don't give in to anyone's pressure.
  14. That's so odd- I've never seen someone cringe at a leather Coach bag. I find the logoed ones a bit tacky, but I do actually like the leather ones and think they can be very sophistocated. As for the bolide, maybe your husband and associate don't like it as much because it's not a really "glamorous" bag like the Birkin or Kelly.
  15. I agree with this 100%. And I think its really odd for coworkers and clients to be so conserned about what you carry. :rolleyes: Unless they're totally beaten up or something, I don't get it. They're both beautiful, classic bags.