Has Anyone ever Found/Seen a Paraty on Sale?

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  1. I love this bag and really want one, but don't think I can spend $2k+ for brand new bag (especially since I have my eye on another bag that's nearly $1800!) -- I was just wondering whether or not anyone has ever seen a Paraty on sale anywhere? Is it worth leaving my name & number with a few SAs at dept stores or even the Chloe Boutique? Ideally, I'd love to find one for 40-50% off, but they may not be possible
  2. the chloe boutique in bahrain has then at 35% off :smile:
  3. Sacoche are worth contacting - but also there have been a few authentic Paraty bags listed on EBay - so its worth checking - but as always - if you see anything there - then do run it by the Authenticate This Chloe Thread.:yes:
  4. I've seen them on bluefly.com. They had it in a reddish color and green. I think they had it once in black but by the time I clicked on it to "Add to cart", it was no longer available. I haven't seen any more on there for a couple of weeks now, but it's worth trying.
  5. I saw the green one on Blue Fly a while back & it was GORGEOUS!, but (1) I had no funds to purchase at that time, and (2) it was still more than I could pay for it.
  6. I almost bought one on Bluefly because it had a discount plus I used a 10% off link and it came up as about $1200 USD. I regret not buying it now but I had just bought a similar priced bag. (Plus my recent dealings with Bluefly werent fantastic) Normally I dont find their prices that great but the price for that bag with all the discounts on it would have been worth it.
  7. I just saw a large Old Pink at the Jean Brown sale in Brisbane. It was down to only $1200 Australian like $700 US, but too big for me and if you are short the shoulder strap is not adjustable so the bag was hanging around my backside.
  8. Thanks for that! Just bought it.
  9. Congratulations! :yahoo:I am so glad someone who really wanted one got it. I couldn't believe the price. I hope you love it. The colour was gorgeous.

    Please post pics when you get it :tup:
  10. Shall do, thanks heaps for posting - even though my cc would have liked me better if I hadnt seen this!!!
    I hope to have it by Tuesday, they will ship Monday I assume.
    They called it brown though but I was sure the pic she sent was old pink (which is the exact colour I have been after!)

    I agree the price was amazing. It was only about 3 weeks ago I was seriously contemplating buying i at the normal price then talked myself out of it.

  11. Are you in Australia then?

    They are a bunch of wallys there ;). They were lovely though. I had my 1 year old son with me and I was picking up and putting bags down all over the place. Usually in other stores I would be getting dirty looks but they were fab. I asked them when I was in the store if it was old pink and they said no its brown. Then the guy looked in the tag and said 'yes it is old pink'. I desperately wanted to convince myself to buy it but I was just to short for it.

    Anyhow, the colour is gorgeous. You might have seen Kate Bosworth wearing it in the Celebrities and their Chloes thread. Its a beautiful colour and I think it will go with heaps. And I am usually really conservative about buying anything that isn't black or brown - boring!

    It was raining and overcast in Brisbane today which might have made the colour seem darker but I am sure you will love it.

    I couldn't believe there was a little old paraty sitting on the table. They don't have it in there lookbook. I am still in shock - glad it all had a happy ending for you :yahoo: Look I am in shock :faint:. I still can't stop babbling about it.
  12. ?!?!?!?!?! Its hard to get good help these days isn't it? I swear I word for word had the same conversation in the store and the guy looked at the tag right in front of me and said 'yes you are right it is old pink'. it definitely looks brown but because I had seen photos of the old pink on the forum I knew it was the old pink. You'll know what I mean when you see it. Mona has a brown one and it is totally different - you can see it on the paraty thread.

    I guess we will find out on Tuesday. You know I'll be sitting on my stupid computer on Tuesday night checking to see if you have posted picks!:roflmfao:
  13. Haha I will post some as soon as I get home from work - hoping of course that it arives on Tues!!
  14. I am off for sleepy bobos but I just wanted to let you know that I went back and checked the paraty colours and if it weren't for all the confusion I would have said I was 110% positive it is old pink!!!! I did have one breezer tonight......only kidding. Tthis is ridiculous. It IS old pink!

    Also, thanks for sending me the link to the paratys. I always seach Jean Brown on 'accessories ' 'handbags' and for some reason the paratys aren't in there?!?!?! I can see now they are posted in 'designer' chloe'.

    Have a great weekend if you can sleep a wink!