Has anyone ever experienced this?

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  1. Hello fellow LVovers.
    As my obsession with LV grows, I have been taking some risks bidding on Ebay.com - albeit calculated risks :P

    I came across this item: Louis Vuitton Key Pouch Monogram / Louis Vuitton Card Holder.
    Seller: mar2215, URL: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Louis-Vuitton-Key-Pouch-Monogram-Louis-Vuitton-Card-Holder-/161246191319?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEWNX%3AIT&nma=true&si=Iorz789WaCgsm9FKJWgJmBXJqsA%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc

    I won the bidding, and I emailed the seller asking if it was authentic. I know, usually such things need to be asked before I start the bidding.

    This is how our communication went after that initial email:
    -She replied saying it was a gift.
    -I replied saying I will get it authenticated once I receive it.
    - She replies she will verify it, and not to send her any money until she does
    - I follow up asking how is she going to verify
    - She replies she will try going to a LV store, but she doesnt have any nearby. OR she can mail it to me and once I get it authenticated, I can pay her
    - *huh* I reply to her she has two options. She can indeed mail it to me without me paying her, and I will pay her only after LV or fellow tPFers here help me authenticate it. Or she can pay Carol Diva or MyPoupette to authenticate it.
    - She replies saying thank you and that she will be mailing me the item today after I emailed her my address. Right after, she emails me the tracking number.

    All of this happened in the span of one day. I did not pay her. She has mailed the item, tracking shows I will receive it in a few days.

    I have never had anyone send me an item without payment first.

    Is this:
    a) weird
    b) a lucky break
    c) genuinely 100% authentic LV key pouch
    d) gullible seller
    e) happened to anyone before
    f) my hallucination of free LV items being shipped to me :P

    It is a low ticket item though, only $95.00.
    I fully intend to pay her if the item is genuine.

    So, what do you think of this?
  2. It's odd, but sounds like you have nothing to lose. She sure is trusting.
  3. I did not mention to her the LV stores confiscate fake stuff. I don't plan to take it there yet.
    But yeah, it is odd.

    I do have excellent buyer feedback. Maybe that's why? :P

    I just hope she hasn't sent me stinky socks in that package.
  4. Sounds strange to me. She's very trusting. Good luck on getting it authenticated but it doesn't look genuine to me? Sorry to say that, I hope it's not disappointing. Best of luck.
  5. Thanks.

    I did think it might not be authentic, but there aren't enough pictures on that listing. I am hoping to take some more and post them in the LV thread.
  6. From what i can see just on that listing alone _ The print appears incorrect, the zipper pull also looks incorrect, as does the inner stamp. Could just be my eye though so don't take my word for it.

    But here's some authentic pics:

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395182943.044389.jpg see how the pattern is different and this one looks longer?

    Stamp inside always has a more rounder font ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395183093.895564.jpg

    See the zipper pull here -


    I find picture comparisons really helpful before preloved purchases.

    Hope these help. As I said, you should be able to make comparisons yourself from these pics, but still get it authenticated as I'm no expert :smile:
  7. Thanks!
    I had the same concerns as you did. I always do the same too, compare them to other stock pictures, especially on the LV website. I have, however, learnt that some items are old, or some are just different and so I posted those pictures on the LV auth thread.

    I have a cles as well. I thought this was some old or discontinued version and hence looked different. You are right about the zipper pull though.
  8. Absolutely, although I know that the Lv website often shows different items (pattern alignment etc), maybe to throw off fakes? True though, could be a discontinued version! However, Zip pulls are usually the same so that'd be my main concern. Fingers crossed for you though
  9. You are right. The zipper pull is a big concern, not to mention the key ring missing!
    I am thinking it is a discontinued pouch or something.

    I haven't paid for it. The most I can do is send it back.
  10. Would you have to send it back at YOUR expense? Doesn't sound like a good transaction. Be careful and prepared to defend if you get a case opened against you as non paying. Please keep us updated
  11. I saw your thread through the authentication thread. Hmm. If you can refuse delivery that would be good
  12. THanks! That is what I will do.

  13. +1
  14. Those pictures in the listing look suspect for sure...In addition, this seller has only been selling low-ball items, no designer items and nothing near the price that you won this auction for (according to the feedback dated to 2007).

    All of this is quite odd...eBay clearly tells you not to ship until the buyer pays...I don't even think that she has any recourse against you at this point if you still never paid...? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

  15. I noticed the same about the items she has sold and is currently selling.