has anyone ever drove off with the GAS PUMP still in their car?

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  1. Well, I certainly did this past weekend. The gas pump unhinged itself as I drove off and it smashed my rear windshield.

    I swear... my friends are convinced I'm turning into the next Britney Spears.


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  2. Oh no!! I never have but I have seen a few vids of this exact thing on you tube so hey you aren't alone girl!
  3. oh no.. that stinks.

    what kind of car.. it looks really nice.

  4. 2008 SLK.. I've barely had it for 3 weeks. :shame: Luckily only the rear window was affected.. no scratches or dents :okay:
  5. Aw man, I've only seen those in YouTube videos. I'm sorry! Will it be expensive to replace the back windshield, or maybe your insurance can cover it? ITA with VuittonsLover. That's a NICE car!
  6. no....but I've run into a gas pump (i suck at measuring distances). Sorry about your windshield! Is it covered by your insurance?
  7. So sorry about that!!!! At least you have your first "ding" on your new car. :sad:
  8. Aiya... I'm paying out of pocket for it at a local body shop. At the dealership they said it would be $9700! It's 1/10th of the price at this place..
  9. omg loll!! luckily nothing else happened.
  10. Oh yeah, I can so relate. DH teases me about parallel parking by echolocation (when I hear metal crushing I know to stop and adjust).

    I'm so sorry that happened to your new car! I'm glad you got a good price for it though.
  11. Something I remember my dad telling me when I started driving was to always look in my mirror after getting gas to make sure the pump was out. I still do this.
  12. OMG, NO!!!!!

    Please be more careful next time! :wtf:
  13. Sorry to hear about the damages to your gorgeous car.

    At least nothing exploded!
  14. Oh man! Sorry to hear! It hasn't happened to me yet but it's something I could see myself doing!
  15. HOly cow! o_o So sorry about the damage....definitely be more careful next time.