Has Anyone Ever Downsized Their Speedy?

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  1. I'm half-laughing, half-worrying every time I post a new thread on this forum for fear that I'm putting in the wrong place - but here goes.....hopefully it'll stick since I'm among good company here....

    I went out today and FINALLY got my Mono Speedy 35. It was tough. I had all three sizes in front of me. The 25, 30 and 35. My rationale was: I already have the 25 and the Petite Noe so I was looking for a new animal, you know? So I'm modeling the 30 and 35 and I had TWO SAs saying "gee, seriously? the 30 really looks better on you..." but NNOOOOO! Not me. Why didn't I listen to that little voice? I KNEW it looked better myself, but I was so damn focused! I would not be deterred! So I walked out with my 35, 10 feet off the ground, got her home and OH MY GOD, she's HUGE! :hrmm: ON ME!!! I've seen pictures here and it looks so good on everyone else!!! :s

    So anyway, I'm a little sad but I'm going back tomorrow to exchange her. I think it's the right thing to do, don't you? I mean, the 25 and the 30 really are different sizes and not really by a smidge, don't you think?

    I'm kind of confused...kind of aggravated really - it's not a super-close drive...about 35 minutes by freeway (thank goodness they're opening one up 10 minutes from me but not until '09 thankyouverymuch....)

    Have any of you ever DOWNSIZED your Speedy or perhaps another style to a similar smaller style because it just was too much or am I just insane???

    TIA!!!!!! :love:

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  2. I won't have a 35 until May - watercolor vvn -

    I don't think it looks bad on you ~ but do what you think is right!
  3. Well, I haven't really downsized, but I realized after I got my first 30 that 25 really is the most versatile size for me and that I definitely can't go bigger than a 30! I wanted a 35 for a long time but it's just huge on me, so if I get another Speedy I'll probably get a Mini Lin in Dune (30) which is very light and not bulky because of the cloth.
  4. p.s. if I were you, I'd exchange it for the Damier 30!!! I love mine-- so low maintenance. I also have a mono 25 and a mono petit noe, so I think the Damier 30 is the best compromise! The 35 does look a big large for you. It's all about how comfortable you feel with it.
  5. from the pictures i don't think it looks too big but then again you have to feel comfortable.
  6. I think the 35 looks great on you, IMO. Good luck with your choice.
  7. i do think it looks a little too big.. i think the 30 would look best on you.
  8. The SA was so sweet - in a NICE way he's like "I really think that looks like luggage on you" and then the security guard pipes in "BUT YOU COULD USE IT FOR OVERNIGHT!" Very nice SAs at this particular store (NOT the BH store...:yucky:)....

    Please - more posts - I'm so on the fence on this. Why do some of these ladies look so great in the 35 and I don't??? :sad: I think you have to be a skinny minny!!!! :crybaby:
  9. Personally, I think the 35 looks fine on you, but I think the 30 would as well. I also think your gut is now saying go with the 30 so for that reason, I think I would return it and get the 30. Just my two cents.