Has anyone ever done this (its kind of embarrassing)?

  1. Has anyone ever bought a particular bag, and then decided it was the wrong size, and bought an identical one (color, leather, hardware) in the next (larger/smaller) size? I am thinking that the 32 cm kelly is awkward size for me and I should have held out for a 28. Has this happened to anyone else before?

    I think this was a lesson to me that I should have had more patience.

    Fortunately, I nailed it on the birkin size the first time (35 for me - not 30 or 40) and on the bolide (31 mou, its just perfect).
  2. Yes, this does happen and did happen to me in the beginning of collecting these wonderful bags! It's only through trial and error do you really figure out what works best, I think. I mean, I knew, for example that I'd have to have a vintage black Box Kelly with gold but that was the only bag I absolutely knew without a doubt that I wanted. Didn't know what size until after I'd purchased a few bags that a 28cm Sellier and a 32cm Retourne are the best fit for me in Kelly's. So, don't worry......one thing for sure is that if you have a bag that doesn't "fit" you can find a new home for it!!!!
  3. Jedi, this is normal. These bags are too expensive to settle for. I say adopt out the Kelly and start over with something that will make you truly happy. :smile:
  4. Yes yes yes!!! Same as above...trial and error -- impulsively purchasing due to the intense love for all Hermes bags...learning about the styles/leathers/colors, etc. can be quite a process...but a fun one. Unfortunately I've done most of my learning AFTER the fact...and now have a clearer understanding of which sizes/bags work best for me...I'm still drawn though to kellys, although in my heart I know I generally prefer the double handled bags i.e. birkin and bolide...Good luck with your journey! We're all on it together...
  5. Don't worry...we are all here to have fun and not judge...we are hear to learn.

    Look at it like this...it can be sold and now you know exactly what you love! Only one mistake...not bad!!!
  6. I do that all the time. I have come to peace with it at this point! Luckily for Hermes you don't have to worry too much because the resale is great...much better than on other brands. so if you make a mistake, it is easily fixed! :smile:
  7. This is quite normal; especially when it comes to Hermes due to the scarcity of some of these bags--it'd be difficult if not next to impossible to find a wide range of sizes in a Kelly or a Birkin in a store for you to try on and compare on any given day. A lot of it is trial and error--it really can be an expensive process!
  8. ^^I completely agree with Orchids!! It certainly can be an expensive process sometimes.
    I have had a similar experience, the most striking one was with a blk. 30cm Birkin....I had to trade up in size.
  9. Thanks for your reassurance, guys. A long time ago I used to frequent a watch blog called "timezone.com" (dont know if any of you or your husbands frequent it). well there was one guy who would buy and sell things so often it was referred to on the forum as the "Catch and Release Program" ...so I will "release" the kelly bag, and move on.

    But this experience is making me doubt my own tastes and instincts. I am now hesitant about getting a 28, for fear of another mistake. I wonder if my shortlived experience with the 32 kelly really means that I am not a "kelly person". While I think its an issue of size and not design, how can I be sure. Frankly I am not sure if maybe it was color (gold as opposed to holding out for black). Or is it, like shoes319 found, that maybe the kelly bag has much appeal but the double handled bags are maybe better for me? (I never had even a second's regret about my birkin bags or bolide bag).

    Or maybe I am just confused due to the single digit temperature here lately.
  10. I have experienced a few almosts and a miss or two as well... Almost purchased a 37 cm bolide bag...black clemence...graphite clemence...black clemenece again...then did purchase apotiron clemence... TG I purchased it from NM and was able to return...the color did not work for me in a bolide, and I am still unsure about the bag itself... I have missed on quite a few accessories...shawl, too big (sold)...karo, black was right for me (sold another)...bracelet, white was right for me (sold another)...tweedee, too heavy (sold)... I almost purchased an ostrich birkin in Madrid...I think this would have been a big mistake for me... I feel in love with the 35 cm kelly in Madrid, but could not bring the chevre rose shocking/fushia (unsure of exact) color home...that would have been a big mistake for me... I am thinking quite seriously about my next birkin/kelly and am trying to make the right color decisions... As others have stated, sometimes you really don't know until you have lived with the bag/scarf/shawl/etc. for a bit...
  11. this is true! we need a hermes rentabag program! :yes: that way we know what color and size and leather to get! yep!
  12. Not to mention the things you turn down sometimes and later wish you hadn't. Bolduc twillies and pochettes for example, and a perfect quilted black jacket...
  13. Hi everyone!

    Oh...I am a Serial Offender on this one. I fall in lust with a bag/leather/size, get fixated, hunt it down....and then, ooops.

    Jedimaster, it took me years to figure what which Kelly sizes suited - I bought every bag with the idea that it would be The Bag for all occasions (when I buy something new, I want it with me all the time).

    So...now my 28cm Kellys are only used for lunches, dinners, or quick visits - when I'm not out all day or at work. My 32cms still don't fit a work day but are great when I need a light shawl or umbrella on weekends. For all purposes, Birkins or Bolides. I'm with you on the double-handle issue - I was a Kelly person for 10 years before I embraced the Birkin - now, I find a fully-stuffed 35cm Kelly a little difficult because of the single handle. Sooo.....I've either sold the bags that don't work for me or swapped with girlfriends.....and after each change-of-mind, I end up with a bag that truly works for me! It's a process of ... refining the obssession!

    Good luck with your decision-making.....:smile:
  14. I've been lucky so far. But a mistake is certainly not out of the ordinary with H bags . . . either purchasing or turning down.
  15. I haven't bought my Kelly yet. Any suggestions on how to get to know my bags before I buy?