Has anyone ever done a Saks "locator" order?

  1. I've been looking for a particular Gucci tote in black, which Saks didn't have at their SF store and Gucci doesn't even have in their system (Neiman's doesn't have it either). So last Friday I called Saks and they said they had them available, but didn't know what stores had them in stock, so they placed a "locator" order where they took down all my information and placed it into their system to be filled by whatever store "picks it up" first. Which brings me to my question- how long did you wait for your order to be filled? I'm leaving for Hawaii on Friday and am really hoping to have it by then. Thanks! :flowers:
  2. I tried it. They found one of the bags and it took about a week to get to me. Another time, I tried it and it took a week for them to let me know that they could not locate it. Good luck!
  3. I have also used the locator service and it was really fast. However, when I placed my locator order they were able to tell me within 24 hours who had it and when I could expect the purse. As a side note - they wouldn't let me use my gift card for the locator order. I had to purchase the purse on my credit card and when it came in I returned it and purchased with my gift card...
  4. I place locator orders all the time with Saks, but my SA at the 5th Avenue Club has the items shipped to her and then I go in and pick them up. If you have a relationship with an SA at the store, or want to develop one, you could ask about it. Saks usually has very fast shipping -- I ordered a pair of shoes last Tuesday online and they arrived on Friday, but that was shipping from their Aberdeen warehouse. I'm sure they would be happy to give you the info about the store from which it is shipping.
  5. I have done Locator orders many times at Saks, it has taken sometimes only a couple of days and sometimes a bit longer, sometimes they were not able to get me the item at all., and once, I got three of them instead of one....I took them to the store and they shipped back for me.:heart:H
  6. It's not ship time I'm particularly worried about (I got complimentary overnight ;)) but rather how long it takes to get picked up- as long as it's by Thursday I should be covered *crossing fingers*
  7. Good Morning,

    I apologive for any confusion but our locator orders are broadcast to our stores having the highest inventory levels first and if you could please either call me or reply back with the locator order number, I would be happy to check the status for you?

    Thank you,
    Russel Karbley
    Sr. Coordinator, Saks Direct Customer Service
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