Has anyone ever done a return with the CL boutique?

  1. let's say you had the shoes shipped to you and you weren't satisfied. never worn them or anything. has anyone ever tried to get a refund? TIA ladies.
  2. No refunds from CL. Only store credit, and usually within a week.
  3. I agree - only store credit.

    If you really don't like the shoes, CL's usually go for retail on eBay (I bought 1 discontinued pair there - of course they are on my watermark thread :rolleyes: ).
  4. lol thanks for your help gals. i think i'm going to keep them after all. they look like they'll take a bit to get to used to. but i'm gonna put the thing on the bottom to make them feel more secure when i walk. i'm scared i'll slip or something. pixies will be posted on the CL thread =)
  5. May I have the address of the store, or website addy if any? Thanks :smile:
  6. I always buy mine from Net a Porter, for this very reason, I know they dont have such a large range as the actual CL stores, but if they do not fit or I do not like them, you can return them so easily and without hesitation.

    I was also very very impressed with NAP customer service over my lastic boots. I bought them, and just loved to look at them! but when I finally tried to wear them 6 weeks later, to say they were the most painful shoes on earth was an understatement. My toes actually went numb, as the foot was being put into such a painful position. I emailed NAP, and told them how, even though I had worn them, I found them impossible to walk in (I have so many other pairs, that they can verify that im a CL addict ;) ), and they told me to return them for a full refund :tup: