Has anyone ever copied you?

  1. OK I know that this is a frivilous thing to dwell upon but has anyone ever blatantly copied you? Let me share my experiences--I looooove Coach...I have tons of bags, accessories, etc. LOL Thanks to you ladies (and gents!) on the PF, I now am wanting to buy LV, Chanel, etc:yes: ...OK back to my story: my fiancee's sister in law knows how much I love Coach, and for the 3+ years that I have known her, she has NEVER mentioned ANYTHING about wanting a Coach bag, etc. However, this past Christmas, my fiancee bought me a Coach tote (which she saw me unwrap). Then, this past Sunday (Mother's Day) we all went out to lunch, where she showed me her new Coach tote (not the same one as mine, it it that new Scribble style that I don't particularly care for). Hmm...then she started BRAGGING that her bag was $200+ dollars and asking me which Coach bags I had and how much they cost.

    This really made me mad because this stuff happens every year!!! For example, last year I went on a Tiffany's binge where my fiancee bought me most of their sterling silver pieces...well what do you know?! After she saw these, she made her husband run out and buy her the necklace and the bracelet that I had been wearing! Ugh. :rant:

    The most infuriating story of all is when she was about to be engaged, she was bragging about the HUGE ring that her soon to be husband (my fiancee's older brother) was buying for her just to make me jealous. LOL It was so funny because when he did propose to her, he gave her a princess cut diamond that was not even 1/2 carat! She was sooo mad when I got engaged b/c my ring was alittle over 2 carats. I feel petty for being secretly giggling to myself over this, because they ARE just material possessions.

    Am I alone on this, or do you guys have stories like this?? Any advice on how to handle copycats??

    LOL Sorry for the long post! I just needed to vent!!:amuse:
  2. i would take it as a compliment, dont worry about it.
  3. Love2shop-- thats what I did originally. However, once I get something new she is really rude about it...making deragatory comments about brand names, price, etc.... if she was like "oh I love your bag" or "cute earrings" I wouldn't mind. She just acts so rude about it. That is, until she rushes out and gets it! Oh, well. Like I said, it is a petty thing to worry about:smile:
  4. when she starts making those nasty staements to you, you should go back at her and do the same thing since she does have expensive things as well. if she wants to play that game you should as well!
  5. LOL that is a good idea!! However, the frustrating thing is that she does not have any "nice", expensive stuff! The only thing that she has that are anything I might want are things that she copied from me! :angel: Ugh!!

    BTW-- just so that it is clear, I am NOT one of those people who gets 'mad' if someone has the same thing as me. I COMPLETELY understand that other people have what I have and I have what they have. I just have an issue with her b/c she is so rude about it.
  6. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, however I do understand how you feel about copycats. It may sound trivial, but I have this "friend" that I have known since college and she copies ALMOST EVERYTHING I do. Its so annoying to the point where I withhold many things from her. Check this out: when I entered the real estate profession, she quit her job and did the same because she "saw" how happy and "successful" I was. It is so pitiful because I have a part-time job as well so its not like real estate is my only income. I just thought it was pathetic because shes like 30 years old and still doing this crap. The funny thing is that our mutual friends notice this copy-cat tendency of hers.

    Anyway, she told me recently that she was planning on re-entering into the commission free workplace. Whatever...
  7. LOL EnvyMe I totally know how u feel! I think that both of the people we know who are like that are just insecure with themselves...That is wild though about her copying YOUR JOB!!!! OMG that is just nuts!!

    I know what u mean about not telling her stuff on purpose...I don't tell my fiancee's sister in law ANYTHING anymore!!! Its weird how she still tries to get info out of me OR my fiancee...like I mentioned over Mother's Day lunch the other day that I was going to a new hair stylist...I didn't even think she was listening, as her back was turned toward the other end of the table. All of the sudden, though, she snapped around and was like "what?! You are not going to the same girl?!?!??!" and was trying to get me to tell her who/what/why etc...I didn't fall for it though!! I am so proud of myself.:P

    Are there any things that you have done/said to your copycat friend that has made her back off?? My situation has gotten to the point where the few times a year I do see her (bdays, holidays, etc) I get soooo tense and uncomfortable!!!
  8. Couturegrl, I just don't hang out with this friend as much. I see her maybe 10 times a year. We really don't communicate as much as we use to. I keep her guessing. Its a shame. But I think you are right about their insecurity issues.
  9. oh i know what u mean:graucho:
    i have 2 of my sisters in law that r trying to copy everything i do..and not just the fashion!
    at first i've taken it as a complemet but then it became a nightmare:cry:
    imagin ur self walking with ur 2 identical twins(fashion,make up,life style, u name it)...
    i think its really rude , abnoxiouse and says something about their own insecurities and lack of confidence.....:noworry:
    but atleast i got it out of my chest:flowers:
    thanx for that
  10. I have a friend who tries to take credit for something that I might've mentioned!!

    example i would tell her about a product or a bag and then while talking to some other friends she would be talking as if she knows about it for ages!!

    that really pisses me offffff!!!
  11. Yes, it has happened to me before. Just ignore her.

    What I did when that happened, I ignored her and stopped hanging out with her. I can't be with people like that.
  12. Envyme, seeing your picture, I might copy you as well! :lol:

    Sounds like a financial insecurity thing. While no one "copies" me, I know a couple people who make issues out of things due to the money I spend on bags and such. The funny thing is, I do a ton of ebay shopping and rarely buy retail! I always downplay the pricetag (except to a few friends). I just bought a tote at the Coach store, and believe me, the words "ebay" or "outlet" will be used in conversation. It's no one's business what I spend on anything.

    Or, just say you couldn't find the style at Target. :yes:
  13. I copy my sister all the time, she is my fashion guru!
  14. Couturegrl, My cousins drive me crazy. Since we were all little everytime I got something, or played any instrument - my Aunt would make sure they had the same

    When I bought my first car, one of my cousins (the other is her sister) purchased the same exact car, but of course with a few extra features, etc., etc. This kinda copying happened all the time. I remember telling my cousin about a bed frame I wanted, and she bought it a few weeks later. I did not want it after that.

    Now, its with the kids. For example, if my daugters want to buy something or collect something, I won't say anything to them, because my cousin and my Aunt will run to the store, and buy the same item. Both my children love gymnastics, as well as cheering for the county, and have been doing it for a few years. My cousin daughter is now taking gymnastics. Where my cousins live, they do not have county cheerleading, but believe me, when she is old enough, my cousin will probably force her into doing it in school

    I know it is stupid to let it bother me, but it gets very fustrating. So, Couturegrl, I can really relate.
  15. I would take it as a compliment as long as it doesn´t go passed a certain limit.
    I am surprised that grown up women can still be immature, and haven´t found their inner self and personnality.....
    Bc this happened to me when I was at High school, I used to do crazy things with my looks as a personal fashion statement to be unique.
    And then 2 days later I´d see these girls doing the same....
    At college a girl even started to say loud to people everytime I was around : "she and I are sisters, can´t you see ???", but I guess I was just flattered to be some sort of role model but also "what the %& ??"