Has anyone ever converted a wallet into a wristlet by attaching a chain to the zipper

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  1. Pardon the odd question, but I love the organization of continental zip-around wallets but I often wish they had wrist strap. Clutches with straps are great, but I find they are often too big and lack interior organization (adequate card slots, etc.)

    So my question is, has anyone ever found a suitable metal chain to attach to the zipper pull of a continental wallet to "convert" it into a clutch?

    I found this D&G key chain on Yoox that is basically a chain with two petite dogleash clips at each end, but it is $92. Has anyone ever thought of doing this, and is there a cheaper alternative? Or is my idea just ridiculous? Thanks!

    Pic of chain from Yoox: OK, the images aren't showing up, so here is the link: http://www.yoox.com/item.asp?sec=1&YOOX=DOLCE+%26+GABBANA&dept=accessorieswomen&tskay=3FD17CD7&rr=1&cod10=511095301W&sts=sr_accessorieswomen80
  2. Hi Bag, I did this with my Balenciaga Compagnon:yes:. I ran a vintage chain through it doubled and can carry it on my shoulder or arm when out. Since it was big enough to keep my phone and lipgloss in I thought it would make a cute and funky shoulder bag/clutch. Here is a pic with a few of my other clutches but it shows the chain attached. HTH
    clutches 007.JPG
  3. I think that is a great idea. I love zip around wallets.
  4. Thank you for the pic, sweetie! I wish designers would sell optional straps or chains that could be attached for this purpose. I'd pay extra to have additional carrying options!